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Liquid Piston Type Bottle Filling Machine Automatic Servo Motor Piston 6 Head Liquid 1 Gallon

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Price : 9000USD/set to 50000USD/set
Packaging Details : Wooden box Delivery Time : 40 working days
Payment Terms : L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram Supply Ability : 100SETS
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: N PACK
Certification: CE Model Number: NP-VF

Detail Information

Filling Form: Piston-type Filling Capping Machine: Anticorrosive Filling Production Line
Program: PLC And Human Touch Screen Program Packing Material: Wooden Case Packing
Filling Speed: 30-60 Bottles/min Machine Size: L230*W85*H105cm
Filling Head: 12heads Original Place: Shanghai
Packaging Specifications: 50ml~1000ml Size: 1380*680*380
Applicaation: Pharmaceutical Control: Servo Motor Control Filling Volume
Model: Single Head Liquid Filling Machine Work Pressure: 0.3~0.4MPa
Driven Type: Pneumatic

liquid piston type bottle filling machine


piston liquid filling machine


piston type bottle filling machine

Product Description

Automatic Servo Motor Piston 6 Head Liquid 1 Gallon Bottle Filling Machine

Utilizing cutting-edge piston filling technology, the 6 head liquid filling machine is meticulously crafted to deliver precise and accurate filling of viscous liquids into containers. As an automatic volumetric liquid filling machine, it boasts six volumetric pistons, each carefully designed to meet the challenges of dispensing thicker, more viscous substances. The process begins with an intake stroke that draws the product from its storage into one of the machine's six cylinders. This is followed by a down stroke that efficiently fills the container to a pre-determined level.


The 6 head liquid filling machines play a crucial role in ensuring a spotless and exact filling operation, thereby significantly boosting the accuracy and efficiency of production lines. These machines, specialized for automatic viscous filling, are fine-tuned to overcome the hurdles posed by the packaging of viscous liquids. They deliver precise measurements of lotions, creams, and other skincare products with unwavering consistency. Their proficiency in reducing product degradation while enhancing fill accuracy elevates them to a premier position in the industry.


Adopting a 6 head liquid filling machine, which is adept at handling both 1 gallon bottle filling and smaller sizes, effectively addresses common packaging challenges like spills, drips, and overflows. Designed for straightforward operation and requiring minimal oversight, these machines free up your staff to concentrate on more critical, strategic tasks. By optimizing your production processes and boosting operational efficiency, our 6 head liquid filling machines enable your team to pursue wider organizational objectives, facilitating a seamless and productive packaging operation for a diverse range of liquid products.

Main Feature

1. Precision in operation is guaranteed by the integration of a Schneider servo system.
2. Customizable filling speeds meet varied production requirements efficiently.

3. Delivers superior filling accuracy up to ±1%, ensuring consistent product volume.

4. Equipped with a sophisticated Schneider PLC digital control system, complemented by user-friendly touch screen interfaces.

5. Constructed following the ISO-9001 standards, indicative of premium production quality.

6. Crafted from GMP-certified stainless steel, which upholds both longevity and sanitary standards.

7. Offers a versatile bottom-up filling option to cater to different product needs.

8. Features an accurate bottle neck positioning system for precise filling operations.

9. Employs an intelligent detection system to halt filling when no bottle is present, minimizing waste.

10. The fill area is securely housed within a stainless steel framework for enhanced safety.

11. Filling volume adjustments are made simple via the touch screen, with servo-driven pistons for exact volume delivery.

12. Allows for the individual calibration of each piston, ensuring adaptable and precise volume modifications.

13. Supports the execution of multiple filling cycles for a single bottle, suitable for varied filling requirements.

14. Adjustable nozzle positions for either hovering above or bottom-up filling to achieve perfect fill levels and prevent foam in carbonated beverages.

Main parameter

Capacity(bpm)base on 500ml
Air Pressure(mpa)


1.Servo Drive Technology

The NP-VF series employs a sophisticated servo drive system for its volumetric filling mechanism, ensuring precise control and stability. The vertical piston movement not only conserves energy over the long term but also minimizes the machine's load, enhancing efficiency.


2. Effortless Configuration

With the PLC interface, adjustments to the filling process can be made seamlessly without the need for any tools, streamlining operations. The advanced servo system allows for versatile filling methods, including surface, bottom layer, and bottle neck filling, catering to various liquid characteristics.


3. Unmatched Precision

Utilizing a refined servo system, this series guarantees exceptional filling precision through meticulous control over piston strokes. An innovative adjustment feature on the piston further elevates the accuracy, ensuring superior performance.


4. Broad Compatibility

Designed for versatility, the Automatic Servo Filling Machine seamlessly integrates into various sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and cosmetics, demonstrating remarkable adaptability across industries.

Product Details

Liquid Piston Type Bottle Filling Machine Automatic Servo Motor Piston 6 Head Liquid 1 Gallon 0 Liquid Piston Type Bottle Filling Machine Automatic Servo Motor Piston 6 Head Liquid 1 Gallon 1
Liquid Piston Type Bottle Filling Machine Automatic Servo Motor Piston 6 Head Liquid 1 Gallon 2 Liquid Piston Type Bottle Filling Machine Automatic Servo Motor Piston 6 Head Liquid 1 Gallon 3


Company Profile

Grounded in a rich heritage of innovative design and precision craftsmanship, we are honored to be recognized as a leading provider of filling, capping, and labeling machinery. Npack sets itself apart with unparalleled expertise in developing and producing these essential devices, defining standards for the industry. Our commitment to excellence ensures each machine we create meets a wide array of needs within the processing and packaging realms.


Our steadfast commitment to advancing the capabilities of liquid filling technology is evident in our ongoing investment in research and development. This dedication keeps our solutions at the cutting edge. The Npack team is deeply committed to delivering superior service and support, establishing us as a reliable partner from the start of our relationship. Our global footprint allows us to enhance the operational efficiency and production quality of liquid processing and manufacturing firms worldwide, affirming our commitment to their success.

CE Certificate

Liquid Piston Type Bottle Filling Machine Automatic Servo Motor Piston 6 Head Liquid 1 Gallon 4 Liquid Piston Type Bottle Filling Machine Automatic Servo Motor Piston 6 Head Liquid 1 Gallon 5
Liquid Piston Type Bottle Filling Machine Automatic Servo Motor Piston 6 Head Liquid 1 Gallon 6 Liquid Piston Type Bottle Filling Machine Automatic Servo Motor Piston 6 Head Liquid 1 Gallon 7


Post-Purchase Support

1. Installation Service:

Our skilled technical team is ready to assist with the setup of your filling machine, offering a comprehensive package that covers installation fees, travel, meals, and any additional costs.

2. Training Programs: We ensure optimal performance of your filling machine through extensive training for distributors, operators, engineers, and technicians, available either on-site or at our manufacturing facility.

3. Warranty Service:

Demonstrating our dedication to quality, we provide effective repair services accompanied by a one-year warranty. Quick part replacements and fast troubleshooting responses are part of our commitment.

4. Consultation Services:

Take advantage of our no-cost consultation service to identify the ideal setup for your requirements. Our knowledgeable sales team will support you with detailed CAD drawings for the filling machine configuration.

5. Technical Assistance:

Benefit from our continuous, comprehensive technical support throughout the year. We offer quick feedback via email or phone to ensure your operation remains uninterrupted.

6. Spare Parts Provision:

To prevent any damage during shipping, a set of critical spare parts for the automatic filling machine is included free of charge. An extensive selection of high-quality spare parts is also available for purchase at any time.

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