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NPACK is one of the China leading manufacturers in the field of liquid bottling machineries. the npack Brand since from 2006 and register brand name on 2012, it is one of the earliest liquid servo filling machines manufacturer for liquid bottling in China.We aim at making the liquid filler to be quick, precise, intelligent and reliable. We try to make our Clients more productive,competitive,reduce packaging waste cost.We aim to become the constant point of reference in the theory and practice of liquid filler.NPACK is a lean and dynamic company that can builds customized automated liquid bottling solutions systems and Based on the continuous investment in R&D.also npack is the company that creates value of the success and shares the value with all our customers.and has a widespread sales network.
Nowadays NPACK is proudly offering a wide range of liquid filler. Main technologies offered are as follows:
Liquid Servo Piston Filler
Liquid weighing and filling machine
Overflow liquid filling machine
Servo pump liquid filling machine
Gravity Liquid Filling Machine
Overflow filling machine
NPACK is working and continuously investing for its employee and production in order to achieve better success, better technology and better environment.

Expertise in liquid filler, capper, labeler, bottle unscrambler, bottle rinser……

liquid bottling line drawing
  1. What type of automotive oil filler you are using?
  2. A piston filler is the best choice for a sauce filler?
  3. we are a cosmetic OEM, what type filler is the most suitable for us?

contact with our sales engineer for answer and solution, choosing the right type of filler, and design the reasonable solution can save your cost, increase efficient, and making the perfect packaings appearance.Here are some fields packaging solution.

Great Brand Trust Us,Cooperation with Famous parts Supplier

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