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Fully Automatic Inline Pallet Wrap Stretch Wrapping Machine

Place of Origin: CHINA Certification: CE

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pallet stretch wrapping machine


fully automatic stretch wrapping machine


automatic stretch wrapping machine

Product Description

Automatic inline Pallet Wrap Stretch Wrapping Machine

What is automatic inline Pallet Wrap Stretch Wrapping Machine?

An automatic inline Pallet Wrap Stretch Wrapping Machine is a type of industrial equipment designed for automatically wrapping palletized loads with stretch film in a continuous, inline production process. This machine streamlines the wrapping operation by integrating into a production line, where pallets move along a conveyor or roller system. As the pallets pass through the machine, the wrapping process is automated, ensuring efficient and consistent wrapping of each pallet.

Fully Automatic Inline Pallet Wrap Stretch Wrapping Machine 0
Key features of an automatic inline Pallet Wrap Stretch Wrapping Machine 

Conveyor Integration: It is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing conveyor systems, allowing pallets to move through the wrapping process as part of the overall production line.
Automatic Film Dispensing: The machine automatically dispenses and applies stretch film around the palletized load without the need for manual intervention.
Programmable Options: Typically, these machines offer programmable features such as adjustable wrapping cycles, pre-stretch ratios, and tension settings to accommodate various load sizes and wrapping requirements.
Inline Efficiency: The inline design ensures a continuous and efficient wrapping process, reducing downtime and increasing overall production efficiency.
Pallet Height Detection: Some advanced models may include automatic pallet height detection to adjust the wrapping process based on the specific dimensions of each pallet.
These machines are commonly used in manufacturing, distribution centers, and warehouses where there is a need for high-throughput pallet wrapping in a production line environment. They contribute to increased automation, consistency, and efficiency in the packaging process.


Fully Automatic Inline Pallet Wrap Stretch Wrapping Machine 1

What is application fields?

The Inline Automatic wrapping film packaging machine is a packaging machinery suitable for assembly line operations. It is highly suitable for the automation packaging needs of modern enterprises, playing a very positive role in improving packaging efficiency, reducing labor intensity, and effectively utilizing human resources. It can be matched with an automatic film covering machine to achieve comprehensive wrapping. It is widely used in packaging lines in industries such as chemical, electronics, food, beverage, and paper.




Model NP-06
Voltage 380v 50/60Hz
Power 2.5kw
Packing Size L1200×W1100×H1800mm
Loading weighing 2000kg
Disc Diameter 1600mm
Disc running speed 0-14r/m
Packing capacity 30pallet/h
Dimension L2900×W2500×H2700mm
Weight 650kg

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