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Automatic Cartons Box Sealer Carton Tape Sealing Machine Top And Bottom Packing

Place of Origin: CHINA Certification: CE
Model Number: NP-CS50

Detail Information


carton packing sealing machine


carton sealing tape machine


carton box tape sealing machine

Product Description

Automatic Cartons Boxes Box Sealer Carton Tape Sealing Machine Top and Bottom

Fully automatic folding and sealing machine


The fully automatic folding and sealing machine automatically completes the folding and sealing operation in one go. It can be used in conjunction with the series of automated packaging machinery. It can replace manual labor, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and save 5-10% of consumables. This folding and sealing machine is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, beverage, tobacco, daily chemical, automotive, cable, and electronics industries.


Automatic Cartons Box Sealer Carton Tape Sealing Machine Top And Bottom Packing 0

Automatic Carton Sealing Machine is a mechanical device designed to efficiently and automatically seal cartons or boxes. This machine is commonly used in packaging and shipping operations to streamline the process of closing and securing boxes before they are shipped or stored.


Automatic Cartons Box Sealer Carton Tape Sealing Machine Top And Bottom Packing 1


The key features of an Automatic Carton Sealing Machine include:

  • Automated Sealing: The machine automates the process of applying adhesive tape or glue to seal the flaps of a carton securely.
  • Consistency: It ensures consistent and uniform sealing of cartons, reducing the likelihood of errors and improving the overall efficiency of the packaging line.
  • Adjustability: Many machines allow for adjustments to accommodate various box sizes, ensuring versatility in packaging different products.
  • Speed: Automatic Carton Sealing Machines are designed for high-speed operation, allowing for a rapid sealing process and increased throughput.
  • Durability: These machines are typically built to withstand continuous use in industrial settings, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Integration: Some models can be integrated into existing packaging lines, providing a seamless and automated end-to-end packaging solution.


Model NP-CS50/CS30
Conveyor speed 0-25m/min
Carton Size L250-600×W150-500×H180-500mm
Power Supply 220V 50/60Hz 1Phase
Adhesive Tape Width 48/60/75mm
Air Consumption 300NL/min
Air Compressing 0.6Mpa
Table Height 600+150mm
Machine Size L1900×W1150×H1520mm
Machine Weight 300kg


An Automatic Carton Sealing Machine simplifies and accelerates the carton sealing process in industrial and commercial settings, contributing to overall operational efficiency and consistency in packaging, we also are avaiable for other types of carton sealers with only top or bottom sealings. please contact us for more details.






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