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Automatic Small Bottle Eye Drop Filling And Capping Machine Manufacturers

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Price : 16000USD/set to 80000USD/set
Packaging Details : Wooden box Delivery Time : 40 working days
Payment Terms : L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram Supply Ability : 100SETS
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: N PACK
Certification: CE

Detail Information


eye drop filling and capping machine


eye drop filling machine


eye drop filling machine manufacturers

Product Description

automatic small bottle eye drop filling and capping machine

The majority of eye drop prescriptions are provided in 5 or 10 ml bottles. A prevalent type of eye drop bottle available in the market is the small Boston round bottle equipped with dropper caps. These eye dropper bottles come with either white or natural caps, both featuring dropper tips that facilitate dispensing a small amount from the bottle. Constructed from LDPE plastic, these bottles allow for easy squeezing to dispense the product effortlessly. NPACK suggests utilizing our monoblock filling and capping machines for efficient filling and sealing processes.


This fully automated liquid filling and capping machine represents our company's response to market demands. It is primarily designed for filling glass and plastic bottles of various shapes, including round, square, or custom-shaped bottles, and incorporates new products developed using advanced foreign technology. The machine employs either a plunger-type piston pump or a peristaltic pump for filling and is equipped with automatic cap placement and screw capping, integrating machine and electrical components. With its compact footprint, the machine is economically viable and practical, finding wide applications in the pharmaceutical, pesticide, chemical, food, cosmetics, and other liquid packaging industries.


Featuring a PLC control system and frequency control, this machine offers a high degree of automation. It allows for easy adjustment of filling capacity, enabling simultaneous adjustment of filling volumes for all metering pumps or individual fine-tuning for each pump. The operation is straightforward, and adjustments can be made swiftly. The filling needles are equipped with anti-drip devices to prevent foaming by submerging them into the bottle's bottom during filling, then slowly rising. The entire machine is designed in accordance with GMP requirements.

 Automatic Small Bottle Eye Drop Filling And Capping Machine Manufacturers 0




1. The manipulator adjusts the nozzles to enhance the feeding stoppers rate when using narrow-edge nozzles.
2. Peristaltic pump filling controlled by a single chip system ensures high dosage precision, allowing dosage adjustment without halting the machine.
3. A monoblock machine for filling, feeding stoppers, and capping, designed for space efficiency and featuring a simple structure. It boasts a sleek appearance and is easy to clean.
4. Precise graduator positioning ensures stable operation and enables filling bottles of various sizes.
5. Featuring a touch panel control interface for easy operation and high automation level. Speed can be adjusted using an inverter.
6. Automatic stoppage in the absence of bottles or caps ensures no filling or capping occurs.


Kind of bottle
Round eyedrop bottle or similar
Bottle size
Min. Ø 20mm Max. Ø30mm
100~150bpm on 5ml-20ml
Filling volume
Filling accuracy
220V 50/60Hz 1.5kw
Machine size mm
Length 2500, width 1420, height 1500
Compress air require
50~70L/min, 4~6bar
Machine weight


Operation Principle

The equipment is categorized into bottle conveying, automated filling, nozzle cover management, swing arm covering, servo screw capping, and other operations.

1. Bottle Loading: The bottles designated for filling are manually placed onto the conveyor belt.

2. Detection: A photoelectric sensor determines if there's an empty bottle on the primary turntable. The detection signal is relayed to the control computer for regulating bottle filling and detecting empty bottles.

3. Filling: Upon detecting a bottle ahead, the PLC activates the filling nozzle to enter the bottle for precise filling.

4. Sprinkler Covering: Detection of bottle presence initiates the pre-rotation of the swing arm-type cover.

5. Screw Capping: The servo motor adjusts torque and speed to ensure tight and consistent capping.

6. Bottle Exit: Finally, the capped bottles exit the conveyor belt.


Operation Process:

1. Material Preparation: Ensure an adequate supply of bottles, plugs, covers, and liquid medicine. Vibrating hoppers are utilized to maintain a full supply of plugs and covers, positioned both inside and outside the cover locations.

2. Bottle Feeding: Bottles are sorted by the bottle feeder turntable.

3. Filling: Bottles are aligned by oscillation to position them accurately for filling, followed by intermittent drive for filling, stoppering, covering, and screw capping. Liquid filling is achieved using a peristaltic pump and a needle that moves up and down automatically to fill the liquid in the bottle.

4. Plugging: Plugs are supplied by a vibrating hopper to the stoppering station, where bottles are moved by wheel clearance. Optical fiber detection controls the stoppering cylinder solenoid valve, ensuring proper stoppering.

5. Capping: Bottles with inserted plugs are transported to the capping station, where screw caps are affixed using a cylinder-based mechanism. The screw caps are rotated and lowered until properly secured, with torque adjusted for firmness.

6. Bottle Egress: Capped bottles are conveyed away from the machine on the conveyor belt, ready for subsequent packaging processes.


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