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Automatic 15ml 30ml Small Bottle Tincture Filling Machine Line Monoblock Bottle Filling Machine

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Price : 16000USD/set to 80000USD/set
Packaging Details : Wooden box Delivery Time : 40 working days
Payment Terms : L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram Supply Ability : 100SETS
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: N PACK
Certification: CE Model Number: NP-MFC

Detail Information


tincture filling machine


Tincture Filling Line


monoblock bottle filling machine

Product Description

automatic 15ml 30ml small bottle tincture filling machine

A tincture refers to a liquid extract or infusion created by immersing a substance in a solvent, typically alcohol or water, to extract its active components. Tinctures serve as a convenient and portable method for administering herbs or other natural remedies. The consistency of a tincture can vary, with viscosity and fluidity contingent upon the specific ingredients and the ratio of solvent to solute. Tinctures may exhibit a spectrum of textures, ranging from thin and aqueous to thick and syrupy, influenced by the concentration of active ingredients and the solvent type.


Tinctures are commonly housed in small glass bottles equipped with dropper caps, facilitating easy dispensing of the liquid. While bottle sizes can differ, they usually range from 1 oz or smaller. Alternatively, some tinctures may come in larger bottles featuring built-in dropper caps, or they may be available in spray form. Additionally, tinctures can be found in single-dose packets, akin to those used for liquid medications. To maintain potency and effectiveness, it's advisable to store tinctures in a cool, dry location, away from direct sunlight, and out of children's reach.Npack recommends the use of monoblock filling and capping machines.

There are several compelling reasons to consider monoblock tincture filling machine :

1. Speed and Efficiency: Monoblock filling and capping machines excel at rapidly and accurately filling bottles, ideal for high-volume tincture production.

2. Easy Maintenance: These machines are typically straightforward to maintain and clean, reducing downtime and enhancing overall efficiency.

3. Versatility: Monoblock filling and capping machines accommodate various bottle sizes and shapes, catering to a diverse range of tincture products.

4. Precise Dosing: Monoblock machines dispense precise amounts of tincture with each fill, ensuring consistent dosing for end-users.

5. Cost-Effectiveness: Monoblock machines are often more budget-friendly than alternative filling equipment, making them an attractive option for companies with financial constraints.

For larger tincture bottles, a linear filling machine may also be suitable. Tinctures, being mostly free-flowing liquids, can be filled using gravity, piston, peristaltic pump, and other filling machines.



Filling capacity 10-500ml
Production capacity 30-70 bottles/minute(Adjustable Customized according to client needs)
Filling accuracy ≥99%
Finished cap yield ≥99%
Equipment power 220V / 50Hz
Equipment power 1.5KW
Equipment size 2400*1500*1900mm
Applications Eye drops, Creams, Essential Oil, CBD Oil, E-Liquid, E-Juice etc


Product details

Automatic 15ml 30ml Small Bottle Tincture Filling Machine Line Monoblock Bottle Filling Machine 0 Automatic 15ml 30ml Small Bottle Tincture Filling Machine Line Monoblock Bottle Filling Machine 1
Automatic 15ml 30ml Small Bottle Tincture Filling Machine Line Monoblock Bottle Filling Machine 2 Automatic 15ml 30ml Small Bottle Tincture Filling Machine Line Monoblock Bottle Filling Machine 3

Operational Procedure

1. Material Preparation: Ensure an adequate supply of bottles, plugs, covers, and liquid medicine. The plugs and covers should be vibrated fully onto the hopper rail and positioned both inside and outside the cover location.

2. Bottle Feeding: Bottles are fed onto the turntable of the bottle feeder.

3. Filling: Bottles are aligned by oscillation, positioned by the bottle opener on the thick positioning disk, and intermittently driven for filling, stoppering, covering, and screw capping. The solution is suctioned by a peristaltic pump through silicone pipes at the filling station, and the needle automatically moves up and down to fill liquid into the bottle. Each movement of the needle completes one filling cycle.

4. Stoppering: Plugs provided by the vibration hopper are directed to the stoppering station. Bottle movement to the stoppering station is guided by wheel clearance. Optical fiber detection controls the stoppered cylinder solenoid valve, ensuring bottles without plugs do not pass. The plug is positioned on the plate using gravity design to ensure accuracy and stability over time.

5. Capping: Plugs placed inside the bottle are sent by the positioning disc for affixing and screw capping. The screw cap affixing follows a similar principle to urinating, achieved by cylinders. Different cap sizes are accommodated, with the screw lids rotating continuously below and moving up and down. When the bottle is correctly positioned, the lid is screwed on with moderate force. The screw cap design maintains constant torque to adjust the firmness according to the bottle and cap thread, ensuring no damage to the cover or bottle.

6. Bottle Egress: Bottles with properly affixed covers are conveyed out of the machine and transferred to the next packaging stage.

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