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20 Liter 3 4 5 Gallon Barrel Buckets Liquid Coconut Oil Automatic Filling Machine

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Price : 9000USD/set to 50000USD/set
Packaging Details : Wooden box Delivery Time : 40 working days
Payment Terms : L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram Supply Ability : 100SETS
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: N PACK
Certification: CE Model Number: NP-VF

Detail Information


oil filling machine automatic


automatic edible oil filling machine


coconut oil automatic filling machine

Product Description

20 Liter 3 4 5 Gallon Barrel Buckets Liquid Coolant Oil Filling Machine

Coolant filling machines are specially designed to offer precision and efficiency in filling processes, particularly suited for the automotive and manufacturing industries. These machines are adept at handling a variety of coolant products, ensuring accurate dispensing into containers of different sizes and materials. Equipped with advanced volumetric pistons, our coolant filling machines ensure each container is filled to the exact required volume, following a meticulous fill/release cycle. This cycle begins with an intake stroke, drawing the coolant from a supply container or hopper into the product cylinder. Upon reaching the predetermined level, the down stroke is initiated, precisely dispensing the coolant into the awaiting container.


In addition to coolant products, our versatile machinery can be configured as an oil bottle filling machine or even a bucket filling machine, demonstrating unparalleled adaptability across a wide range of viscosities and container formats. Whether dealing with automotive oils, industrial lubricants, or large volume buckets, our filling solutions maintain the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency.

The hallmark of our coolant filling machines lies in their ability to deliver clean, drip-free depositing, significantly enhancing the precision and cleanliness of your production lines. This accuracy ensures that every fill is consistent, from delicate sauces and batters to robust meat/sauce mixtures and pastes, our machines achieve the highest product fill accuracy with minimal product degradation — a testament to their industry-leading performance.


Furthermore, the design of our machines minimizes common issues such as spills, drips, and container overflows, markedly improving the operational environment. This efficiency frees up your staff to focus on other essential tasks, as our equipment operates smoothly with minimal supervision. At NPACK, we prioritize enhancing your processes, ensuring our coolant filling machines, alongside our oil bottle and bucket filling solutions, not only meet but exceed your production requirements.


Key Features


1. The machine employs a piston dosing mechanism renowned for its high accuracy, ensuring precise measurements during the filling process.

2. It offers versatile filling volume adjustments, accommodating a range from 10ml to 5000ml. This flexibility allows for a seamless transition between different product sizes within a single machine.

3. Customization is a key feature, with the option to tailor the number of filling nozzles according to specific needs, ranging from 2 to 12 nozzles to meet various production capacities.

4. Designed with precision, the filling nozzles descend into the bottles, minimizing leakage and significantly reducing the formation of bubbles, ensuring a clean fill every time.

5. Suited for a broad spectrum of bubble liquids, the machine is available in an anti-corrosion model or can be constructed from 304/316 stainless steel, catering to diverse industry requirements.

6. It incorporates electric and pneumatic components sourced from globally recognized brands, guaranteeing exceptional quality and reliability for extended operational life.

7. Featuring an integrated automatic system, the machine streamlines the filling process with options for automatic capping and labeling, offering a comprehensive solution from filling to product finalization within a single unit.

8. With its user-friendly design and compact size, this machine is not only easy to operate but also stands as a highly competitive option in the market, ideal for businesses seeking efficient and space-saving solutions.


Filling Procedure


The brake fluid filling machine adopts a thorough approach to filling. Initially, empty containers are placed on the machine's conveyor belt, progressing through stations for cleaning, sterilization, and preparation. Brake fluid, stored in large tanks, is then piped to the filling station. Through a pump system, the fluid is directed to precision-engineered filling nozzles designed to dispense the correct volume of brake fluid into each container, ensuring precise and consistent filling.



Main Parameters

Capacity(bpm)base on 500ml
Air Pressure(mpa)


product detials

20 Liter 3 4 5 Gallon Barrel Buckets Liquid Coconut Oil Automatic Filling Machine 0 20 Liter 3 4 5 Gallon Barrel Buckets Liquid Coconut Oil Automatic Filling Machine 1
20 Liter 3 4 5 Gallon Barrel Buckets Liquid Coconut Oil Automatic Filling Machine 2 20 Liter 3 4 5 Gallon Barrel Buckets Liquid Coconut Oil Automatic Filling Machine 3


Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular maintenance and thorough cleaning are key to ensuring the optimal performance and durability of a Coolant filling machine. It's imperative to carry out an exhaustive cleaning after each production cycle to remove any remaining Coolant and prevent contamination. It is essential to clean the pipelines, pumps, and filling nozzles thoroughly to prevent blockages. Routine inspections and prompt replacement of any parts that are worn out or damaged are vital for ensuring the machine operates reliably. Following a strict maintenance schedule can significantly prolong the machine’s lifespan and guarantee the integrity and safety of the Coolant products processed.


After-Sales Services:

1. Installation Services:

Our experienced team of technicians is ready to deliver and set up your filling machine, with a service package that includes installation, as well as covering travel, meals, and associated expenses.


2. Comprehensive Training:

We provide thorough training sessions, either at your site or our factory, tailored for dealers, operators, engineers, and maintenance staff to guarantee your machine operates at peak efficiency.


3. Warranty Assurance:

Our repair services come with a promise of swift, effective assistance, backed by a one-year warranty on quality, parts availability, and immediate response to any troubleshooting inquiries.


4. Consultation Services:

Leverage our free consulting service to find the perfect filling solution for your needs. Our expert sales team will offer guidance and provide CAD drawings to help visualize your machine setup.


5. Technical Support:

Enjoy round-the-clock, enduring technical support. Whether by email or phone, our team is ready to offer rapid responses to ensure your operations run smoothly without interruptions.


6. Spare Parts Provision:

We include a set of essential spare parts with your machine shipment at no extra cost, ensuring you have what you need from the start. Additionally, a full catalog of premium spare parts is available for order whenever you need replacements.

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