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Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machine Shower Gel Filling Machine For Bottle

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Price : 9000USD/set to 50000USD/set
Packaging Details : Wooden box Delivery Time : 40 working days
Payment Terms : L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram Supply Ability : 100SETS
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: N PACK
Certification: CE Model Number: NP-VF

Detail Information


fully automatic liquid filling machine


automatic bottle liquid filling machine


shower gel filling machine

Product Description

Automatic China Liquid Filling Machine Manufacturer Shower Gel Filling Machine for bottle

Npack introduces a leading-edge shower gel filling machine, a premier selection in their portfolio, specifically tailored to the complex requirements of bottling viscous liquids such as shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, and liquid soaps. This machine's proficiency in managing substantial volumes up to 5000ml makes it an invaluable asset for the hospitality sector, proficiently handling a diverse assortment of bottle shapes and sizes, essential for crafting hotel amenities within personal care and daily chemical domains.


Constructed from durable 314/316 stainless steel, this automatic liquid filling machine is engineered for longevity, offering remarkable durability and resistance against corrosion, crucial for continuous high-volume production in challenging environments. It boasts an advanced automatic adjustment feature, enabling precise adaptation to bottle volumes ranging from 50ml to 5000ml, thus ensuring accuracy across an extensive array of product sizes.


At its operational core lies a sophisticated piston filler mechanism, the hallmark of quantitative filling machines, ensuring each bottle is accurately filled with the exact amount of product, reducing waste and enhancing overall efficiency. This shower gel filling machine encompasses essential features like an anti-drip nozzle, a filament filling head for minimizing material loss, an anti-foam system to control fill height and prevent foam overflow, a precise bottle positioning system for accurate filling, and a comprehensive liquid level control system for optimal fill levels.


Designed to deliver a full-scale packaging solution that caters specifically to the hospitality industry's requirements, this shower gel filling machine can seamlessly integrate with supplementary systems such as conveyors, automatic capping machines, and labeling units. This cohesive approach ensures a smooth, complete packaging process, empowering hotels to elevate their branding with professionally packaged, large-volume personal care products, showcasing its versatility not just as a shower gel filling machine but as a comprehensive liquid filling machine solution.


1. The machine boasts a robust 304 stainless steel welded C frame, offering exceptional durability and strength.
2. Components that come into contact with the filling material, including those made of SUS316 stainless steel, are designed for hygiene and can be customized with Teflon, Viton, or specific hoses based on your requirements.
3. Offers real-time adjustability for seamless operation adjustments on the fly.
4. Employs a "No bottle no fill" mechanism controlled by a PLC, enhancing efficiency and reducing waste.
5. Delivers precise filling volumes within a margin of error of ±1%, complete with an integrated total bottle counter for accurate tracking.
6. Designed for hassle-free maintenance, eliminating the need for specialized tools for upkeep.
7. Allows for customization with special seals or hoses upon request to cater to specific operational needs.
8. Features blocked nozzles to prevent stringing and dripping in certain products.
9. Includes diving nozzles designed for bottom-up filling, ideal for foamy products to ensure quality filling without mess.
10. Equipped with a bottle mouth localizer to ensure accurate alignment and filling.
11. The filling head is adaptable and can be modified or added to meet unique filling requirements, providing a versatile solution for a variety of filling operations.

Main parameter

Capacity(bpm)base on 500ml
Air Pressure(mpa)


Product Details

Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machine Shower Gel Filling Machine For Bottle 0 Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machine Shower Gel Filling Machine For Bottle 1
Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machine Shower Gel Filling Machine For Bottle 2 Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machine Shower Gel Filling Machine For Bottle 3


Company Profile

Rooted in a legacy of pioneering innovation and precision craftsmanship, we take pride in being recognized as a leading manufacturer of filling machines. At Npack, our specialization in crafting filling machines sets the standard within the industry. Each piece of our machinery is thoughtfully designed to meet the diverse needs of the liquidprocessing and packaging industry.


Dedicated to maintaining our position at the cutting edge of filling technology, we continuously engage in research and development efforts to bring forth the newest technological advancements. The commitment of the Npack team to offering outstanding service and support is steadfast, ensuring a productive and supportive partnership. With a global footprint, we empower liquid processors and manufacturers worldwide to enhance their production processes.

CE Certificate

Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machine Shower Gel Filling Machine For Bottle 4 Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machine Shower Gel Filling Machine For Bottle 5
Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machine Shower Gel Filling Machine For Bottle 6 Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machine Shower Gel Filling Machine For Bottle 7


Post-Purchase Support

1. Installation Service:
Our experienced technical team is on standby to deploy for the installation of the filling machine. This comprehensive service includes the installation fee, travel, meals, and other related expenses.

2. Training Programs:
To ensure the filling machine operates at peak efficiency, we provide thorough training either on-site or at our factory for distributors, operators, engineers, and technicians.

3. Warranty Service:
Our commitment to excellence is underscored by our efficient repair services and a one-year warranty on quality. We offer prompt parts replacement and quick responses for any troubleshooting needs.

4. Consultation Services:
Leverage our free consultation service to find the perfect solution for your needs. Our expert sales team is equipped to assist you, providing detailed CAD drawings for the filling machine setup.

5. Technical Assistance:
Enjoy access to our year-round, enduring technical support. Whether through email or phone, we ensure rapid response times to keep your operations running smoothly.

6. Spare Parts Provision:
To mitigate any potential transit damage, we include a set of essential spare parts for the automatic shampoo filling machine at no extra charge. Additionally, a wide array of premium spare parts is available for order whenever needed.


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