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Automatic High Viscous Liquid Dropper Bottle Filling Machine

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Price : 9000USD/set to 50000USD/set
Packaging Details : Wooden box Delivery Time : 40 working days
Payment Terms : L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram Supply Ability : 100SETS
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: N PACK
Certification: CE

Detail Information


high viscous liquid filling machine


dropper bottle filling machine


viscous liquid filling machine N PACK

Product Description

Automatic viscous liquid dropper bottle filling machine

Expertly engineered in China, the Dropper Filling Machine stands as a pinnacle of precision, designed specifically for the accurate filling of small cosmetic bottles, with capacities ranging from 5-50ml. This machine is adept at managing a diverse array of bottle shapes, particularly those designed for droppers, positioning it as an indispensable asset for the cosmetic sector. Its application spans a wide range of products, including liquid foundation, nail polish, perfume, eye cream, and notably, concealer, making it a versatile solution for daily cosmetic production needs.


Central to its design is the integration of a peristaltic pump mechanism, which ensures exact dosing, coupled with a monoblock filling and capping machine that streamlines the bottling process. This combination not only facilitates the filling and capping within a singular compact unit but also includes a bottle unscrambler and labeling machine, encapsulating a complete dropper bottle filling solution. The machine's advanced cam mechanism is crucial for precise cap placement, alongside a rapid cam transmission that adjusts the capping head to apply consistent pressure during the capping process.


Emphasizing efficiency and precision, the Dropper Filling Machine is renowned for its reliability and straightforward operation, highlighted by a user-friendly touch screen interface. It ensures accurate fill operations by verifying proper bottle alignment, effectively mitigating the risk of uncapped or incorrectly capped bottles. Acknowledged for its dependable performance, accurate dosing, and simplicity in operation, this dropper bottle filling machine encapsulates the innovation and quality of China's filling machine technology, proving to be a critical tool for the cosmetic industry.


Main Features:

1. Governed by advanced PLC control, the monoblock filling machine promises steady and reliable performance. Its user-friendly touch screen interface enhances human-machine interaction, making operations smooth and intuitive.
2. Equipped with high-temperature and pressure-resistant food-grade piping, complete with quick-connect fittings, the cosmetic oil filling machine streamlines the disassembly and cleaning process, ensuring hygiene and convenience.
3. The machine's efficiency is elevated by a "no bottle, no fill" mechanism and a fill count feature, optimizing the filling process and enhancing productivity.
4. Integrated with Clean-in-Place (CIP) functionality, it simplifies the sanitation process, allowing for efficient cleaning without disassembling parts.
5. The machine stands out for its exceptional measurement accuracy, maintaining a filling variance of ≤ ±1%, thereby assuring consistent product quality.
6. Utilizing piston pump technology for dispensing, it achieves high precision in product filling, meeting stringent quality standards.
7. Built in compliance with the latest Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, the machine reflects a commitment to manufacturing excellence and safety, ensuring top-notch production quality.

Product Detial

Automatic High Viscous Liquid Dropper Bottle Filling Machine 0 Automatic High Viscous Liquid Dropper Bottle Filling Machine 1
Automatic High Viscous Liquid Dropper Bottle Filling Machine 2 Automatic High Viscous Liquid Dropper Bottle Filling Machine 3



Workflow :

1. Bottle Organization:Optimizes bottle arrangement to expedite the filling operation, ensuring a seamless workflow.
2. Bottle Transportation: Automatically conveys bottles to the specified processing zone, facilitating smooth transitions between stages.
3. Exact Volume Filling:Employs a sophisticated automated system for the accurate dispensation of essential oil into bottles, guaranteeing precision in volume.
4. Cap Sorting and Securing: Utilizes an automated mechanism to sort, position, and firmly apply caps to bottles, ensuring each cap is perfectly screwed on.
5. Finished Product Transport: Moves the completed products along a conveyor belt towards the next phase of processing or into packaging, maintaining efficiency in product handling.

Main Parameters

Production capacity

30-40 bottles/minute

Filling nozzle

2 nozzles

Filling accuracy


Press capping nozzles

1 nozzles

Capping rate

99% or more (depending on the characteristics of plug appropriate adjustment)

Speed control

frequency control

Bottle size

More than 10 mm

The power supply

380 V 50 Hz


2 kw

Air supply


Gas consumption


Overall dimensions

3000×1300×1700 mm



After-Sales Support

1. Installation Service:
Our experienced technicians are on standby to install the filling machine at your premises. The service package includes installation fees, travel, meals, and related costs.

2. Training Program:
To ensure your small bottle filling machine operates at peak efficiency, we provide comprehensive training for distributors, operators, engineers, and technicians, either on-site or at our manufacturing facility.

3. Warranty Coverage:
Our repair services come with a one-year warranty, ensuring quality assurance, parts availability, and prompt assistance for any issues that may arise.

4. Consultation Service:
Leverage our no-cost consultation to find the perfect filling machine solution for your needs. Our expert sales team will assist you with tailored advice and provide CAD drawings of the machine setup.

5. Technical Support:
Enjoy access to our year-round technical support. Whether through email or phone, our team is ready to offer speedy responses to keep your operations running smoothly.

6. Spare Parts Provision:
A set of essential spare parts accompanies every shipment of our filling machine, ensuring you're prepared from the start, at no extra charge. For any additional needs, our inventory of high-quality spare parts is available for order anytime.


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