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Propack China 2024

May 22, 2024

Latest company news about Propack China 2024

About Propack China 2024

ProPak China 2024, the 29th International Processing & Packaging Exhibition, is set to take place at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai from June 19 to 21, 2024. As China's leading event for processing and packaging, ProPak China caters to industries such as food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics, showcasing the latest in machinery, systems, technologies, and applications.

Alongside FoodPack China, Hi & Fi Asia-China, HNC, and Starch, ProPak China serves as a comprehensive platform connecting end-users from various sectors including food, health ingredients, processing, packaging, and nutraceutical products. With its wide range of exhibits and an extensive supporting program, it provides an international business platform where the entire industry convenes.


Exhibitor Profile for ProPak China


As China’s leading event in processing and packaging, ProPak China provides comprehensive solutions to a broad spectrum of industries including food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care, and more.


1. Processing Technology
- Machinery for processing food and beverages, dairy, liquids, meat, and pharmaceuticals.
- Equipment for processing daily chemical products.

2. Packaging Technology
- Machinery for packaging food, beverages, FMCGs, and industrial goods.
- Solutions for intelligent, liquid, pharmaceutical, daily chemical product packaging.
- Technologies for plastic, cardboard, and metal/glass packaging.

3. Printing and Labeling Technology
- Advanced end-line printing and labeling technologies.
- Supply of materials.

4. Logistics Packaging Technology
- Cutting-edge logistics packaging and labeling solutions.

5. ackaging Materials and Products
- A variety of packaging materials, products, and containers.
- Options for flexible packaging.

6. Smart Packaging and Manufacturing
- Industrial robotics and automation technologies.
- Vision and sensor technology, along with smart storage and logistics solutions.

7. Flexible Packaging
- Equipment for film-making, laminating, and bag-making.


ProPak China offers a vital platform for networking and discovering the latest trends and technologies in the processing and packaging industries.

latest company news about Propack China 2024  0


npack is a liquid filling capping labeling machine manufacturer. It participated in the propak 2024 china exhibition. The exhibition number is No.: 61A05. Welcome to Visit our booth, Contact for picking up what’sapp 0086-18116425561,These machines will be displayed at this exhibition


1. Piston Filling Machine:
This line of filling machines integrates advanced PLC and touch screen controls for easy operation. Equipped with a servo motor-driven, high-quality stainless steel piston pump that is internally polished, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, these machines offer high filling precision. They are customizable with various numbers of filling heads to suit production needs and can function independently or integrate with automated systems like bottle unscramblers, capping machines, labeling machines, ink-jet printers, and carton packers for a complete production line. Ideal for filling a range of liquid products in industries such as pesticides, chemicals, food, and cosmetics.


2. Bottle Capping Machine:
This automatic capping machine excels with various types of bottles, including spray, dropper, and trigger pump bottles. Featuring a bottle-guiding structure to stabilize bottles prone to tipping during capping, it enhances production quality. Commonly used in the food, cosmetics, and daily chemical industries.


3. Labeling Machine:
Suitable for both round and flat bottles, this machine offers versatility for labeling operations. It supports single side, double side, and flat surface labeling, making it highly effective in the food, cosmetics, and daily chemical industries.


4. Bottle Washing Machine:
This automatic bottle washing machine combines cutting-edge technology with user feedback and requirements to deliver superior performance. Using a straight-line feeding mechanism, bottles are flipped 180 degrees for internal rinsing by multiple nozzles, ensuring thorough cleaning. After washing, bottles are flipped back and ready for the next stage of the production process. This system is effective in maintaining high standards of cleanliness in bottle processing.

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