PE tube and Laminate tubes

the tubes for cosmetics cream and toothpaste are little different, mostly of the cosmetics cream are filled in a PE tubes (welding or extruding,normally are 5 layers), and tooth paste are filled in a laminate tubes which is PE and Luminum lamination. The tube diameters are from 9mm to 60mm.The tubes including 3 parts, the tubes body, should and caps.

toothpaste tube cosmetics tube


toothpaste tube filling machine

Cosmetic and tooth paste tubes Filling sealing machine

Cosmetic and tooth paste tubes Filling sealing machine is a type of piston filler for filling viscous liquid such as the creams, toothpaste, food sauce , honey into a tube then sealing it.

The whole machine consists of 3 main parts, the automatic tube feeding hopper, star wheels, and the filling, sealing and cutting device, for different size of tubes(diameter different) , it required to change the star wheels(cup base) which hold the tubes, and the sealing can be different shapes, date embossing is a standard function.

How to make the cosmetic and tooth paste tubes?

The main materials of the cosmetics tubes are PE, and toothpaste tubes are PE laminated with Aluminum.

1.Cosmetics PE tubes

The cosmetic PE tubes have two types, one is the extruding PE one and another is the PE sheet folding and welding, the equipments are difference. The most advantage of the PE welding PE tubes can be 7 layers, which can barrier the cosmetic better, and prolong the life of the cosmetics.

2.The Aluminum laminated tubes.

the materials sheet are from a laminated film, also by welding to forming the tubes, then cutting it.

3.Equipments for making the tubes, the cosmetics tube extruding machine and the tube making machine welding type.

Machine related to make and packing the toothpaste and cosmetics cream

the tube filling sealing machine is just one of the filler in the cosmetic and toothpaste production line, the full production line is a complicated, not only one manufacturer can do it, but a proffessional supply can do a turn key projects for it.

  1. cap injection molding machine with auxiliary equipments
  2. Tube extruding machine or Laminated tube making  machine with auxiliary equipment
  3. Should injection molding machine
  4. Mixing and homonizer
  5. tube filling and sealing machine with auxiliary equipments.
  6. Automatic boxing system.
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