CIP cleaning system

why we need CIP system?

Do you have a headache of the machine cleaning? Do you feel it takes a lot of time and labor to dismantle mechanical parts for cleaning? Here I have a good solution for you—CIP cleaning system. GMP standard and food grade requirements are the reason for we using CIP system.

what is CIP system?

CIP cleaning system is cleaning in place system. It refers to the cleaning and purification of production equipment with strict sanitary requirements by using high-temperature and high concentration cleaning solution to clean the contact surface with food without dismantling or moving the device. The equipment is widely used in beverage, dairy, alcohol, pharmaceutical and other production enterprises.

Advantage of CIP system?

CIP cleaning system has many advantages: First, it is easy to clean without dismantling, can save time and labor, improve efficiency and ensure operation safety; Secondly, it is thoroughly cleaned, can realized no dead-corner cleaning; Third, it is easy to cooperate with SIP (sterilize in place) to complete the cleaning and sterilization process, which can ensure the thorough cleaning and sterilization of equipment pipelines and effectively prevent the pollution of harmful microorganisms (such as Salmonella, Listeria and Escherichia coli)

What is equipment of CIP system including?

CIP system usually includes storage tank of detergent and flushing water, delivery system and solvent heating system. CIP system can be widely used to clean many equipment in the manufacturing process. In fact, for most equipment, CIP cleaning is carried out by spraying or circulating the cleaning solvent under pressure to the internal surface of the equipment. These typical applications and devices include:
1. Process and storage tank,
2. Pipeline transportation system, including pumps, valves and other pipeline accessories,
3. Design process equipment suitable for CIP,
4. A variety of equipment used in food, dairy products and biopharmaceutical industry can be designed for CIP system.
Requirements for cleaning disinfectant:
1. The particles can be stripped from the surface and suspended in the cleaning solution in the form of small particles.
2. It will not produce milk stone, hard water and fatty acid salt precipitation.
3. It has surface activity, so that the precipitation surface is easy to be wetted, and particles and cleaning solution are easy to be washed away by water finally.
4. It will not corrode machines, equipment and other materials
5. Easy to store and low cost
6. It has been verified and recognized by relevant government departments. No one reagent can meet the above requirements at the same time. Therefore, compound cleaning agent or several different cleaning agents must be used for cycle cleaning, such as cleaning plate type equipment and pipes
7. Use alkali/acid combination or compound cleaning agent


Taking the beverage industry as an example, the cleaning procedures are as follows:
1. Wash for 3-5 minutes with hot water at room temperature or above 60 ℃; Alkali washing for 10-20 minutes, 1% – 2% solution, 60 ℃ – 80 ℃; Clean water below 60 ℃ for 5-10 minutes in the middle; Finally, wash for 3-5 minutes with clean water.
2. Wash for 3-5 minutes with hot water at room temperature or above 60 ℃; Alkali washing for 5-10 minutes, 1% – 2% solution, 60 ℃ – 80 ℃, intermediate washing for 5-10 minutes, clean water below 60 ℃, sterilization for 10-20 minutes, and hot water above 90 ℃.
The flow guarantee of cleaning flow is actually to ensure the flow rate of cleaning liquid during cleaning, so as to produce a certain mechanical effect, that is, to improve the impact force by improving the turbulence of the fluid, so as to achieve a certain cleaning effect.

CIP is important for the food ,phamarceuticals industry, Npack Liquid filling machine can connection with the CIP system,which will help customer save time ,cost, and increasing the working efficient, the most important thing is comply with the FDA and GMP requirements

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