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Maintaining The Liquid Bottling Equipments

Maintaining increase the machine long life working and saving cost

Maintaining service and quality are both important,most of our customers have a long term cooperation is base on the maintaining service and quality of the machines.if the budget is not big difference, 99% of the visitor will choose our machines and our service.We cooperated with Unilever since 2012 and Kimberly Clark since 2020.Any liquid filling equipments need maintaining, no matter what is the quality level or brand, Npack offer maintainging service, instructions.

About Maintaining

Machine maintenance
As a filling machine manufacturer, I really like to communicate with our customers to know what aspects they concern, then we can improve our service according to the needs of customers.
Now I wanna share a funny conversation between me and my customer last week:
Customer: Naomi, How many years can your machine serve?
Me: If you can maintain the filling machine well, then 10 years is no problem.
Customer: machine maintenance is easy, I lubricate the machine from time to time.
Me: lubricating is just a small part of filling machine maintenance…
Do you have the same opinion about filling machine maintenance as this customer? Do you have any other way to maintain the machine?
Let me help you, below are filling machine maintenance tips for you:
1. Professional technician
I do think let the machine operators have training before operation is necessary. The operators must know how to operate the machine correctly to avoid damage to the machine due to incorrect operation, and when the machine breaks down, operators should knows how to deal with it. Make sure the operator can identify machine problems as early as possible to prevent wear from becoming a bigger problem.
Because of the Covid, our engineer can’t fly to customers’ factory and give a training on site. To make sure our customer can operate the machines well, the online training service is avaliable for customers all over the world, and we uploaded many machine operating and maintenance videos, you can check the videos freely.
2. Machine preparation.
Before the maintenance of filling machine, certain preparations and raw materials should be made. For the maintenance and servicing of the filling machine, the materials and tools that usually need to be prepared include lubricating oil, wrench, screwdriver, filling machine manual, etc.

3. The maintenance steps
3.1. Before starting the machine, check whether all parts are in normal condition. For example 1). If the top hopper liquid supply works well 2). Whether there are sundries on the conveyor belt. 3).Whether the air source is connected and make sure compressed air pressure and flow are good. etc. 4). observe the water filter and oil atomizer of the pneumatic assembly duplex of the filling machine. If there is too much water, it should be removed in time, and if the oil level is insufficient, it should be refueled in time.
3.2. During production, the mechanical parts of the filling machine shall be inspected frequently to see if they rotate and lift normally, if there is any abnormality, and if the screws are loose;
3.3. Regularly check the ground wire of the filling machine and ensure reliable contact; Clean the filling position frequently; Check whether the pneumatic pipeline leaks and whether the air pipe is broken.
3.4. Replace the lubricating oil (grease) of the reducer motor of the filling machine every year, check the tightness of the chain, and adjust the tension in time.
3.5. If the filling machine is stopped for a long time, the materials in the pipeline shall be emptied.
3.6. Do a good job of cleaning the filling machine, keep the machine surface clean, and pay attention to keeping the electric control cabinet clean.
3.7. The sensor of the filling machine is a device with high precision, high sealing degree and high sensitivity. It is strictly prohibited to impact and overload. It is not allowed to contact during the working process. It is not allowed to disassemble unless it is necessary for maintenance.
For the filling machine, its maintenance is directly related to whether the filling machine can work normally . Daily maintenance is equivalent to energy supplement for the filling machine.
If you need any technical assistance, please feel free to contact us!