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Design The Liquid Bottling Line

Liquid Bottling Turnkey Projects

Design ability is base on rich experience and superb technology

Shanghai Npack offers the designing service, including the factory workshop construction, production packaging line layout, and turnkey projects.We not only designed the customized equipments, also providing the consulting service.

After checking and confirmation the solution for the liquid, packagings, then we will offer you a details design.

Frequently Asked Question


The liquid bottling equipments including a series of machines,it is a completed manufacturing and packaging line for liquid,General including the bottle making machine(PET bottle blowing machine, PP bottle Blowing Machine), bottle rinser, bottle unscrambler, liquid filler, capper, labeling system and automatic palletizing system.

A liquid bottling solution is a solution for choosing and equip what is the equipments need for a liquid filling packing line, inlcuding the liquid bottling line layout, machine details description, parameters, features,capacity. it is very imporant for user to choose a right suitable liquid filler for its products. As normally, most of the users are not professional on this working, then a professional team will help you a lot.

If you are a new businessman for this field, then a professional team is very important, you can consultant us for more details. General, you need a supplier who has ability for offering a turn key projects for the liquid bottling equipments, need a team who can help design and construction the plant.


it is a easy but professional work, different liquid filler has its own advantage, generally speaking, it is decided by your liquid and your packagings container.Normally for filling viscous liquid, we firstly choosing a piston filler, but if your filling quantity is more than 5KG or 5000ml, then we need to choose a weighing filling system. It is easy but also complicated.Npack will help you choosing a right liquid filler.

Normally you need a technician who have bascial skills on the machines,but if you do not have, do not worry, Npack will help you training the workers, normally it takes around 15 days to 30 days.

if you have an enough budeget and want to purchasing equipments from CHina, then Npack is one of the best choice.

  • more than 11 years experience in liquid bottling equipments
  • Europ technology machines but much lower price
  • Professional teams
  • have much experience serving with GSK, KIMBERLY ,UNILEVER
  • Exported more than 100 counries