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New Directory to sauce dressing Filling machine for food industry

A food grade sauce and dressing filling machine will save and increase efficient for food industry sauce manufacturer and dispenser
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Table of Contents

Sauce and dressing filling machine directory

Food Sauce and dressing filling machine Directory represents exclusively the directory or list of sauce filling equipments ,which include sauce bottling equipment, and how to choose a right sauce dispenser or dosing machine.A Food Grade sauce and dressing filling machine will save cost and increase dispensing efficient for food industry sauce manufacturer and dispenser.In this directory, you can find all the types of sauce filler range from low speed to high speed, semi automatic to fully continuous emotion automatic sauce dispenser.

Three types of Piston Filling machine for sauce and dressing

A semi automatic piston filler pneumatic system


This is a low investment semi automatic sauce filler,single head filling, driven by air cylinder,an ideal filler for startup small factory and smaller operations. it is one of the traditional Volumetric Technologies piston filler with below features:

  • 18 L or 25L Top Hopper for option, the hopper can be with mixing and heating system, hopper can be double jacket
  • filling viscousity paste such as toothpaste,sauce,honey,shampoo and also thin liquid such as water, a wide range filling liquid.

  • ideal Filling range from 100ml to 1000ml

  • Leaking-Proof, Silk Nuzzling-Proof, Leakage recovery system

  • Machine construction material are mainly 304SS FOOD GRADE,FDA standard

single head piston filling machine


For the automatic single head piston filler, you can click to reference our another post for details. this piston dispenser is deisgn base on the semi automatic, but more advance, with PLC control, and the piston stroke can be control by a servo motor.Npack designed this automatic piston filler is for the jar filling, such as the sauce, cream, dressing filling in Jar.

the construction standard also apply with the Food grade and FDA standard, when filling the sauce in jar, the max capacity can reach 30b/m when filling volume less 100g, it can conbine with the bottle capper and other packaging equipments to be a full packaging line. it is an automatic filler, other features no big difference.

multi head piston filler

Our suggestion

if you required a more higher and efficient sauce filler, the multi head piston filler is one of the choice.Npack linear piston filler max filling heads is 24 heads, capacity can reach 200b/m.The multi head sauce piston filler is more advance, with automatic cleaning system, the piston stroke driven by servo motor, the filling nozzles moving up and down also driven by a servo motor, it is one of the most popular Volumetric Technologies dispenser in the market, for it is almost working all liquid to middle viscous liquid.

lobe pump filler


The Npack rotary lobe pump filling machine adapt with a high-precision 304 food grade stainless steel rotor pump to measure Viscous liquid capacity,such as the food sauce, cosmetic creams, lotion. Each lobe or rotor pump Driven by a servo motor to ensure the filling accuracy and a wide filling rangefrom100g to 5000g. The equipment has a simple structure, is easy to use, and is easy to maintain, the most important is easy cleaning . The touch screen allows you to directly adjust the filling volume. A servo motor drives the shut off filling nozzles moving up and down.

We high recommend this type of sauce pump filler, 

  • Because of the lobe pump’s working feature, it is capable of filling sauce, jam, cream, or other types of viscous liquid with granular. Because the lobes do not come into contact with each other, lobe pumps can move solids suspended in slurries (such as cherries or olives in food processing applications) without causing product damage.
  • Higher filling efficiency when compared to other types of viscous fillers, such as piston fillers, 40% capacity increase, data base on testing the piston filler and lobe pump filler with the same filling viscous liquid, same bottles, and same filling nozzles of the equipments
  • Fluid flow can be increased or decreased by adjusting the drive speed. and Npack modify the servo motor driving system to improve control and ensure filling accuracy.
  • When the filling capacity is less than 500g, we will implement a tracking filling system, which will increase filling efficiency by at least 30%.
  • The lobe pump filling machine is food grade, easy to clean, and CIP automatic.
Something need to consider before purchasing a sauce filling machine
  • what type of sauce?
  • the filling is hot filling or normal temperature filling?
  • do i need mixing my sauce before filling?
  • How can i cleaning the sauce filling machine?
  • what is the capacity of the filler?
  • is it easy maintaining?
  • what is the easy broken parts or wearing spare parts?
  • what type of sauce filler is suitable for me?

A piston sauce filler lower cost but take times to cleaning machine; A lobe pump sauce filling machine is more investment,but save time for cleaning, and filling sauce is more efficient, almost no wearing parts.