Tabletop Manual Piston Filling Machine

Manul Piston Filling Machine

Manual Piston Filling Machine

Manual Liquid Piston Filling Machine is suitable for filling small dose viscous liquid , it is adjustable for Cream,sauce,cosmetic Filling, operation by manual power. Filling range from 5ml to 120ml.


Our manual liquid piston filling machine construction by a food-grade 304 stainless steel and the hopper can be 304SS or 316SS, the filling parts and hopper  is  easy to disassemble and clean. Application for any non corrosive liquid without particularly thick paste.


  •  Reasonable Design: Designed with a high-quality filling head 
  • · Easy to Operate: Add the filling material to the hopper, adjust the filling volume, then use the handle switch to control and finish the filling. 
  • Standard filling nozzles with OD4MM and OD8 mm, suitable for most of the products specification.
  • Comfortable handle which helps improve user more easy operation
  • The filling volume is adjustable by a mechnical screw, easier and faster

The filling system is piston volumetric and  are operated by manual ,efficiently accurate filling with high speed.

Filling speed: 10-50 times/min

Filling Volume: 5ml to 50ml

Hopper capacity: 10L

Net weight: 10KG 304SS construction

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