Inline Multi head Piston Filling Machine

multi head piston filler

Multi head Piston Filling Machine

The inline piston liquid filling machine is more flexiable, and suitable for a wide range of container size range from 100ml to 5000ml.It is has advantage of high filling speed, high accuracy and easy adjustment for different types of containers.


It is application for any viscous liquid to thin liquid which is non corrosive the stanless steel, Piston filling machines are commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, where precise and consistent dosing is important. They can handle a wide range of products with varying viscosities, from thin liquids to pastes and creams.


  • Volumetric by a high quality and precision piston
  • Multi heads piston fillers are distinguished by the rotary valve which has a large throat opening to allow thick products and products with large particulates (up to 10mm) from the supply top hopper to flow through unimpeded.
  • liquid contact parts 304SS or 316SS depends on the liquid
  • With automatic cleaning system
  • The Filling nozzles can be shut off, anti drops
  • Allen Bradley, Siemens PLC  control
  • Frequency servo control drive for filling speed, acceleration and deceleration.

A piston filling machine works by using a piston to draw product from a storage tank or hopper and then depositing it into containers. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how the process works:

1. The operator places empty containers beneath the filling nozzle.
2. A sensor detects the presence of a container and signals the filling mechanism to start.
3. A piston inside the machine moves forward and creates a vacuum, drawing product from the storage tank or hopper through a one-way valve and into the cylinder.
4. The piston then moves back, pushing the product out of the cylinder and through the filling nozzle into the waiting container.
5. Once the desired amount of product has been dispensed, the piston retracts and the nozzle lifts away from the container.
6. The filled container is removed and replaced with an empty one, and the process repeats.






Filling range



Measurement precision

±0.5% depends on the liquid


Working power



Air pressure



Air consumption

1m³/min according to the working situation


Power rate

1.5KW to 3KW for the main servo motor


Other devices power rate

 less 15kw(air compressor)


Net weight

600Kg to 1000KG

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