HIgh Speed Automatic Rotary Piston Filling Machine

high speed Automatic Rotary Piston Filling Machine

Automatic Rotary piston filling machine

HIgh Speed Automatic Rotary Piston Filling Machine is designed for meeting the high capacity packaging demand, Once production requirements exceed the capability of inline piston fillers. it works on same volumetric principle with the inline piston filler,with rotary head, syringe, piston & nozzle. 


It is application for filling liquid in bottle in pharmaceuticals, food, dairy, agro chemicals ,Cosmetics and Beverages industries, such as detergent, lotion, shampoo, food sauce viscous liquid, and also oils products.


An automatic rotary piston filling machine is a type of volumetric liquid filling machine used to fill liquids into bottles, jars, or containers at high speeds. It operates by using a rotary motion to move the containers through a series of stations, where each station performs a specific function in the filling process.

The filling process involves filling the liquid into the containers accurately and precisely using a piston mechanism that is driven by a rotary motion. The liquid is metered out using the piston, which moves in and out of a cylinder to fill the desired volume of liquid into the container. Once filled, the containers are then moved to other stations to complete the filling process.

Some of the benefits of using an automatic rotary piston filling machine include increased efficiency, accuracy, and speed, as well as reduced labor costs and waste. These machines can be used for a wide range of liquid products, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and more.

The inline piston fillers, which is more flexiable and adaptable with more specification bottles or containers, the rotary piston filler is suitable for high capacity filling, and one size or two size bulk production,rotary bottle filling equipment is custom-built to your specific requirements. It requires not often changeover different size of containers for its working efficient.Npack design the rotary piston filler which required less time to changeover the containers and more flexiable.

  • The main frames and construction is  made of 304SS
  • Robust, Sanitary design construction with automatic CIP cleaning function
  • Mechanical cam and nozzles design, which ensure the working more stable.
  • Controls platform: Siemens 
  • Gears and motors: SEW Germany
  • Pneumatics: Festo Germany or SMC
  • Sensors: Banners
  • “No bottle – no fill” device with anti-breakage safety
  • Pistons entirely in stainless steel, Cylinders in high thickness stainless steel
  • No tool removal of pistons and valve plugs
  • No dead corner, food grade.



6000bottles to 12000bottles per hour


Filling range



Measurement precision

±0.5% depends on the liquid


Working power

ABB main motor driven gear and Cam


Air pressure



Air consumption

1m³/min according to the working situation


Power rate

  380v, 3p and 8KW


Other devices power rate

 less 7.5kw(air compressor)


Net weight


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