NP-OF overflow filling machine

Np-OF OverFlow FIlling Machine

Automatic Multy Head Overflow Filling Machine

The NP-OF Automatic Multy Head Overflow Liquid Filling Machine works by feeding the liquid through a specific pump or a top storage tank. Simultaneously, once the feeding is completed, a portion of the material returns to the liquid overflow tank via the overflow port to guarantee the filled bottle in same level. The depth of the overflow port in the container neck determines the container’s filling level, which is easily adjustable. The number of filling heads can be increased to meet production needs. It’s ideal for filling low-viscosity, high foamy liquid in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and other sectors.Vacuum overflow filler  system is for optional,filling nozzles moving up and down by servo motor driving, specially designed overflow filling nozzles.

How does an overflow filling machine work?

The Overflow filling machine is specially design for a thin foamy liquid with a multy heads filling, built for Chemicals products,Food liquid,easy flow thin liquid.An overflow filling machine fills containers up to a certain level. It has a two-part nozzle to put the product inside the container. Once the container reaches the correct level, any extra product or foam goes back to the original tank through the other part of the nozzle.

overflow sunction system    overflow tank

  • Conveyor feeding the containers into filling position
  • Conveyor stops
  • Filling Heads diving into bottles
  • Variable speed pump starts filling with overflow returning to the supply tank as bottles are filled
  • After filling pump stops to relieve pressure
  • Conveyor starts and another set of bottles indexes in, as filled bottles index out

Overflow filling machines are the most popular of all the pressure fillers

For the Overflow liquid filler is a pressure fillers, it requires the containers are stonger enough, normally its glass or stronge PET or PP.when the filling nozzles diving, the bottle mouth will be closed, to ensure a liquid level height evenly for all of the bottles.

An overflow filling machine is a type of liquid filling machine used to fill containers with liquids of varying viscosity. This machine uses the principle of gravity and liquid displacement to accurately fill containers to a predetermined level, irrespective of the container’s neck size or shape. The overflow filling machine is commonly used in pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries for filling bottles, jars, and other similar containers with high accuracy and consistency. The machine comprises a tank, a submersible pump, and a nozzle that regulates the liquid flow rate during filling. When the container reaches the pre-set fill level, the excess liquid overflows from the container into the supply tank, ensuring an accurate fill every time.

Control panel features

overflow filling machine control system     overflow filling machine control system

• The overflow filling machine is adapt high quality PLC and touch screen which has the function of remote controlling, when maintaining and update software  no need engineet at site.
• The Filling nozzles diving and lifting by a servo motor
• Front panel filling time adjustment through Omron Timer.
• Front panel Start and Emergency STOP for easy access.
• Expandable to 20 nozzles to increase speed.
• No bottle no fill ,PLC controlled.

Filling Effieicent

overflow filling machine for 5L can      overflow filling machine diving nozzles

An overflow filling machine can work at different speeds depending on the machine and how it is set up. For example, an Automatic Overflow Filler can fill a few bottles per minute or over a hundred bottles per we are listing a parameters of a 16 nozzles overflow filler, filling volume base a 1000ml bottle.

Filling Nozzles    


Production Capacity


Filling Volume



1000W, 220V AC,single phase





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