Liquid Bottling Line equipment

Europ Technology Liquid bottling Line, manufactured by shanghai Npack


Npack design the liquid bottling line free for customer


Liquid bottling Solution


Npack help you training Filling operation specialist

Npack built high quality liquid bottling equipment

Shanghai Npack focus on the quality, design, and technology, all the liquid bottling line are designed and built according to customer factory layout, packaging samples and URS.We have more than 10 years experience in the fields of oils, daily chemical liquids, food sauce, the bottling line start from a liquid mixer, transfering, Bottle maker(blowing or molding),bottle sorter, filler, capper and so on. For the whole production line and equipments, please contact us for details solution.

It is the bottline line for the cosmetics cream jar bottling, including the jar automatic feeding, cream dosing, lid placing, capping, date printing.

single head piston filling machine

For Filling cream jar

Specially design for Cream Jar

a sauce jar bottling line, including the jars cleaning, sterilizing, filling, capping, labeling.


For Filling sauce

all types of sauce

Olive oils bottling line including, bottle feeding, washing, filling, ropp capping, and labeling.

For Filling oil Liquid

Daily Chemicals,Cosmetics,oils

it is a complete production line for bottling eidble oil, including, PET bottle making machines, washing, filling, capping and labeling equipments

For Filling edible oil

Olive oil, vegetable oil

For the 500ml to 5000ml, Engine oil bottling, including blowing machine, jerry can filling, capping and labeling equipments

For Filling car oil

Daily Chemicals,Cosmetics,oils

The full packing line is applying in the fields of Daily chemicals, for dispensing the householding liquids

For Filling Daily chemicals Liquid

Daily Chemicals,Cosmetics,oils

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