Automatic Wet Glue Labeling Machine

Automatic Wet glue labeling machine is suitable for different round shape bottles/jars/cans/tubes.

The machine through double-head design,to achieve rapid labeling or double-sided labeling of cylindrical products;


1.Stick label quality is high,can adjust filament stripes,label flat,no whrinkes,no warping,improve packaging grade;
2.The vacuum labeling along with belt ensures the label stick on the bottle smothly;
3.Adopt enclosed transmission box,fully mechanical transmission,use adhesive to attach various cylinder labels,stable and
4.The equipment can be used alone,can also be configured with production lines;
5.High degree of automation,paper feeding,glue,labeling,cladding label automatic completion,improve labeling efficiency;
6.It adopts photoelectricity to check the bottles to achieve no bottle no labeling.

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