Fully automatic sleeve labeling machine

This fully automatic sleeve labeling machine is suitable for various kinds of bottles,like round bottles, square bottles,oval bottles,etc.This machine can automatically feed and cut film,and it can sleeve labels precisely,greatly saving labor and improving work efficiency.The machine can be widely used for beverage bottles,cosmetic bottles,shampoo bottles,etc.

  • The touch screen control panel makes the working parameter is visual,the precise adjustment can be easily achieved according to operation,ensure the labeling effect,it helps save a lot of time.
  • Equipped with high quality electric eye,It can pull film automatically,it is more convenient and easier to operate the machine.
  • The bottle separating component can help to separate bottle and adjust bottles distance,ensure the bottle can be labeled in order,improve the labeling effect.
  • Rotary knobs are designed for adjusting the position of different mechanisms, make sure the machine can sleeve label precisely.Improve the production quality.
  • Suitable for different shapes of bottles the label feeding mechanism can automatically work once the system detect bottles.This machine is suitable for 30mm~280mm height bottles,and we can customized the machine according to your needs.
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