tracking capping machine

Fully Automatic Tracking Capping Machine Emotion Control

Fully Automatic Tracking Capping Machine Emotion Control is designed base on inline pick and place capping machine, it solve the low capacity of the inline pick and place capping machine, its movement is control by Motion Controller more efficient and accuracy than PLC, the capping heads are moving tracing with the bottles going when capping. it can be equipped with one or two capping heads, capacity is from 40b/m to 70b/m without thinking the size of the bottle and cap (base on 100ml to 5000ml bottle).

This machine has the advantage of bottle non-stop working, so after the filling machine, even almost full of liquid inside, the liquid will not splash out when capping. It applies high efficient servo system, including the belt servo, horizontal moving servo, up and down moving servo, and servo capping head system Automatic gripping and capping are completed by the servo motor, and the movement is precise and the speed is fast.

Servo Motor Capping

Multiple sets of servo motors are used to control all the emotion movements of the screw capping head.Use servo control the torque without damaging the caps.

Capping Feeding 

The belt conveyor is adopted to supplement the bottle cap, the width of conveying can be adjusted according to the bottle caps, and it can fix the bottle caps of various sizes at the same time.Can add Aluminum-free foil eliminating device.

cap elevator for sorting caps
Capping Elevator

Npack adapt cap elevator to sort the caps to the automatic bottle capper, lowest noize, and the elevator hopper can stroage around 1000 caps at a time.

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