NP-LC Automatic spindle screw capping machine

NP-LC automatic spindle capper is almost a universal capper, it is sutiable for capping screw caps, flip flop caps, spray caps, drops caps, metal caps, twist off caps.

An automatic spindle capping machine is a device used to cap containers with screw-on caps. The machine works by placing the containers under a series of rotating spindles, which spin the caps onto the bottles or jars. The spindles are adjustable to fit different sizes and shapes of containers, and the speed can be adjusted for different production rates. The machine may also include features such as a cap sorter and feeder, a conveyor system to move the containers through the process, and controls to ensure proper torque and alignment of the caps. Automatic spindle capping machines are commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, where precise and efficient capping is necessary for product safety and quality.

the capping is by 6 wheels spindle, and driven by motors, and the driven system can be servo, for torque adjustable. We update this capper for some generation, and now it is more flexiable and efficient. adjust for different types of containers and caps, tool is free, most of the adjustment can be completed on HMI.

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