This Automatic Press Snap Capping Machine

it is used for snapping press type caps, including three main parts: cap feeding system, cap loading system and cap snapping system. It is characterized by its simple structure and high qualification rate. Can be used alone or inline. Linear design makes it suitable for various caps & bottles with good adaptability, widely used for pressing jar cap, plastic bottle cap, can caps, in industries like food, beverages, cosmetics, chemicals,etc.

The machine use the straight line into the bottle, automatically arrange caps, sleeving caps ,caps after sleeve and check will go into the gland system by the clamping belt. Due to the lid-cover flat belt design have a drop of slop, the caps after press will become more and more tightly.The machine has simple structure, convenient adjustment, production speed fast, high pass rate, after cap pressing has good performance, suitable for cap pressing of foodstuff, soy sauce, vinegar, vegetable oil’s bottle shape.

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