The Automatic pick and place capping machine

This machine, made by Shanghai Npack Automation Equipment Co., helps to put caps on bottles in a better way. It has a special tool that can be moved by a motor or a cam splitter, so it works well with the filling and capping process. This machine is good for caps that are hard to put on, like Anti-Theft caps, Child-Proof caps, Sports Caps, Spray Caps and Pump Caps. The whole machine is made from stainless steel and has a cover and safety door. You can choose to use one or two capping heads, and it can cap up to 80 bottles per minute.

The machine to sort caps varies based on the type of cap. There are three options: vibertor, centrifugal disc, and elevator sorting feeder. The bottle capper includes a cap storage hopper elevator, which can store caps for a long time during operation. The standard size of this hopper is about 0.5 cubic meters.

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