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Bottle Turntable Machine


This bottle unscrambler is a dynamic worktable with frequency control. The machine is used as a buffer platform applying for intermediate junction of assembly line to reduce the length of conveyor. Both the range of bottle and the speed can be adjusted freely, which is benefit for the production. Its procedure: put bottles onto round turntable, then turntable rotate to poke bottles onto conveying belt.

 Rotary turntables can dramatically improve the efficiency of your production. Loading turntables assist operators with feeding round containers to your filler. This creates sufficient backlog that enables your filler to run at maximum production capacity. Accumulation turntables promote more efficient packing of finished goods into shipping cases. NPACK turntables are made of durable 304 stainless steel for durability in your production environment. They can be customized to suit particular applications by adding bottle-guide railing options and half moon off-loading tables.

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Rotary turntables, also recognized as a accumulation conveyors or bottle sorting unscrambling tables, frequently used for sorting or collection round containers.


1) This turntable is used for sorting disordered round containers and make the containers orderly to production line.

2) The turntable adopts the frequency converter  speed control, gear driven rotating work table.

3) High efficient,low cost, save working space.

4) The worktable structure is simple, convenient to operate, no replacement parts, suitable for different size round bottles.

5) Built by  stainless steel 304 material

6)NPACK offers  diameters of rotary turntables from 60 cm to 120 cm)

1.Plate are 304SS stainless,thickness is 2mm

2.Motor adapts with RHOS approved

3.Diamter: 60cm,80cm,100CM,120CM

4.Speed &height are adjustable, reverse rotation.

5.The bottles are in various forms round, oval and square per customer samples

6.The machine is suitable for connect with the conveyor of width is 6.2cm.

7.The distance from the floor to the conveyor input and output surface is 89cm , and height are adjustable

8.The maximum feeding speed 60 bottles / minute

9.The working table plate for workers put bottles, the size is 40*40cm

10.Voltage: 220V, 50HZ,2 phase

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