Types of bottle unscrambler machine

Npack design and manufacturing some popular types of unscramblers equipment, which will conbination with the bottle filling machine,bottle capper to be a full packaging lines. Npack have turntable bottle feeder, which is one of the earliest bottle sorting equipments,mostly application in the cosmetics and phamarceuticals industry.And the automatic bottle unscrambler have some different types and capacity to meet the packaging needs, capacity ranging from 50b.m to 300b/m, depending on the bottle size and shape.No matter which types, their purpose are same, for sorting the bottles into right same direction, and sorting for the next packaging station.

Turntable is one kind of bottle sorting and unscrabling machine,it is only sorting the round bottles,but can not make the orientation bottle direction,sutiable for the round bottles.It is the function of the conveyor, but save space and can storage the bottles in quantity.we also can it feeding table.

For round stand well bottles and container


This machine is for unscrambling the vial plastic round bottles, bottle volume less 300ml can be used in this equipment. It is more advantage than the turntable, it has two parts, one is the elevator with hopper, can storage around 500 pcs bottles, then a sorting plate made according to the bottle size. the vial bottles are storage in the hopper in disorder, then automatically lfiting into the unscrambling plate for sorting.The round vial bottles after sorting , will automatically stand,then feeding into the filling statation or bottle rinsing station.

For Vial plastic bottles less 300ml

Cosmetics and phamarceuticals products

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