automatic air bottle rinser

NP-AW automatic air bottle rinser

Automatic ionized air rinser

Our ionized air rinser can clean glass and plastic bottles easily. It uses special filter air with inoized system to remove any dirt or impurities from the surface of the bottles and make sure they are completely clean and safe to fill. This technology uses a suction feature that makes cleaning quick and easy.  With ionization, this machine is very effective in making sure that your bottles are always hygienic and free from harmful substances. Overall, this machine is a great choice for anyone looking to keep their bottles clean and ready for use and filling.

This bottle air rinsing machine is a linear types, multy heads from 2 nozzles to 20 nozzles to meet the capacity demand, the diving nozzles driven by servo motor, and if choose the turn up types for cleaning, the turning arm will be also driven by a servo motor.

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