Liquid Filling Machines

A liquid filling machine by sorting the viscosity,any flowing liquid from thin to viscous, and the machine for dispensing it as a liquid filler.There are many types of liquid filling machines that are used in all sorts of packaging industries. They are very important and they can be essential for a boost in efficiency and productivity

pump cap
pump cap2
drop cap
detergent cap,flip flop caps
screw caps
cosmetic caps
metal caps,twisft off caps
ROPP caps

Bottle Capping System

Shanghai npack designed and manufactured most types of the bottle capping machine for the market demand, for pumps caps, ROPP caps,twist caps, flip flop caps.

double side labeling
wrap around labeling
top labeling
neck and cap labeling
neck and body labeling
corner labeling
syringe labeling
lip sticker
pouch labeling

Labeling Machines

For the industry,packaging and cost different, in the market have  3 main types of labeling machines,Self adhesive labeling machine,Glue labeling Machine, label Sleeving Machine.General speaking, the self adhesive label is the most cost, then the glue paper label, PVC label , finally the OPP label cost more less.

Npack design and manufacturing some popular types of unscramblers, the base one and original one is the bottle turntable, and With the innovation and progress of technology, and the change of customer’s needs, we have produced a fully automatic bottle unscrambler. The user can choose the umscrambler according to their bottle types and capacity requirements. Shanghai Npack manufactures a full filling bottling line ,unscrambler is just a part of the line, And its Bottle Unscramblers is to sort, organize, orient and delivery bottles or containers into a single, upright and orderly , right direction onto your filling bottling production line. Whether your bottle is large or small, square or flat ,and or your production line is high speed or low capacity, or your product are pharmaceuticals, food sauce, beverage, cosmetics, or daily chemicals, Npack has a low or high speed bottle unscrambling system to reach your  production line needs.

phamarceuticals and drugs bottle samples

For vial bottles less 200ML

Mostly using in Cosmetics and phamarceuticals

Bottle rinser is a type of  automatic bottle washing machine for cleaning the bottles to ensure the sanitary grade, GMP and FDA standard. The bottle rinser exactly to say has two types, by air or by water with air cleaning as a some monoblock machine also can add the function for rinsing system, such the the beverage bottle washing, filling and capping machine, the rinsing station is using the filtered water to cleaning the bottles, and Npack some compact filler also have a station rinsing the containers by air before filling the products. Bottle rinsing machine is mostly application in pharmaceuticals and food industry,but for some other industry, such as automotive oils, specially filling the engine oils, some famous brand will also cleaning the Jerry can before filling the engine oils, for some grade of engine oils using in specially engine, required high pure of oil without any dust or seems more and more factories focus on the bottle rinser,cosmetics maker, food maker, drugs maker and so on. here we recommend some types of rinser which is popular adapt in the packaging industry. 

npack sauce dressing filling machine samples

For cleaning the bottles

Mostly using in Food and Phamarceuticals

Palletizing system including the automatic tray feeding, carton loading, and a robot palleting system.

Edible oil filling machine for 500ml to 5000ml

For cleaning the bottles

Mostly using in Food and Phamarceuticals

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