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NP-VF Automatic Piston Filling Machine Operation manual

Here is a general introdution of operation manual for an automatic piston filling machine , Model Np-vf series

Automatic Piston Filling Machine Operation manual

The Np-VF automatic inline piston filling machine is application for filling shampoo, lotion, cream,detergent liquid and any other types of daily chemicals liquid,also application for filling food liquid and sauce.Here is a general introdution of operation manual for an automatic piston filling machine , Model Np-vf series:

  1. Machine Setup:
  • fix the conveyor and Connect the machine to a power source
  • Install the appropriate piston size for the filling volume required.
  • Install the appropriate nozzle for the container being filled.
  • Ensure that the product being filled is properly positioned for filling.
  1. Filling Parameters:
  • Set the desired fill volume using the machine’s control panel.
  • Adjust the filling speed and delay settings as necessary to achieve the desired fill accuracy.
  • Turn on the machine and let it warm up for a few minutes.
  • Place the container to be filled under the nozzle.
  • Press the start button to begin the filling process.
  • The machine will dispense the product and stop when the desired fill volume is reached.
  • Lift the filled container off the machine and repeat the process for the next container.

    3.Cleaning: Turn off the machine and       disconnect it from the power source.   Remove any remaining product from the   machine. Use a damp cloth to wipe down   the machine and clean any residue.   Regularly clean and maintain the machine   to ensure it operates properly and   efficiently.

Note: This is a basic operation manual and only suits for the Shanghai Npack automatic piston filling machine series

Setup the liquid piston filler

  • Note the power source, Npack filling machine main power is 220V single phase or 380V ,3 phase. Make sure the power source suited, if your power source is not same ,the users can instal a electric transformer to suits the local power source
  • Air source required :0.6-0.8M3/min
  • adjust the bottles position to ensure right under the filling nozzles and filling nozzles can insert into the bottles. 
  • Turn on the machine, and go to the manual page and check if each action and movement of the liquid filling machine are working well
  • Check if the inlet sensor and outlet sensor are workable, and ensure it can sense the bottles both inlet and outlet.
Play Video about interface
  1. Go to the manual page
  2. adjust the guide rail to suit the bottle size
  3. adjust the bottle neck clamper
  4. adjust the filling nozzles height
  5. adjust the sensor to sense the bottles

Set the parameters for piston filling machine

  • Set the desired filling volume, eg. filling 500ml liquid ,if it is viscous liquid we can set around 480ml for testing firstly, or we can caculate the viscosity compare to water. the set parameters is base on the water
  • adjust the filling speed, and servo speed
  • adjust the filling nozzles, diving and lifting time
  • adjust the inlet(front) fender and outlet (back)fender working time


Auto Page function introduction
  • Cumulative Output: it is for the production shift quantity counting and the clear bottom is for clear the number for new counting
  • Input bottle: it is for the input sensor for counting the number of bottle inlet and indicate the next action to PLC, we need to check if this sensor are workable before automatic start working the filler
  • Output bottle: it is indicate the number of the bottles after filling , also need to ensure its workable before automatic filling
  • Conveyor speed: for adjusting the conveyor tranferring speed
  • Mixing speed: it is for the top hopper mixing speed adjust, not all the piston filler has this function
  • Nozzles heightL it is for adjust the filling nozzles diving distance
  • Current status: for monitor the working stage of the filler
  • Filling Volume: it is adjust for the volumetric filling quantitive liquid
  • Conveyor start: control the conveyor running and stop
  • Auto On: it is for full automatic working , press it , then it is one bottom working
  • Bottom up filling No/off :for the filling nozzles diving working or not
  • Normal mode: it is for the big size bottle working
  • Vial mode: it is for the smaller size of the bottles working , normally bottle volume less 150ml
Manual Page Introduction
Manual Page of piston filling machine

The manual page is for the adjust and semi automatic running testing purpose

  • in Fender: it is the airclinder for block or inlet the bottle feeding into the filling station
  • Out fender 1 is block /outlet the bottles outside /inside of the filling station
  • Out feeder 2 is same function, but working on the vial mode 
  • Filling 1 to Filling 12 , press it just for opening the filling nozzles, when press the servo enable then it will filling liquid out, means the piston stroke will move
  • Filling servo up means servo motor working to push the liquid
  • Filling servo down is servo motor working to suction liquids into the piston
  • Filling servo reset, means servo motor will return to the original postion 
  • Nozzles up and nozzles down is for testing the nozzles moving up and down
  • Nozzle servo reset means the servo motor which control the filling nozzles up and down going to the original postion
  • Filling servo to origin speed means filling speed
  • Jog speed is for testing manually moving speed
  • nozzles height is the nozzles distance to the bottle mouth
Teach page
Filling nozzles postion adjustment

this page is for adjust the filling nozzles postion, the filling nozzles are driven by servo motor has this function, if by air cylinder, need manually set the filling nozzles postion

  1. press the set position
  2. press nozzles up, then press the save standby postion, it is the postion of the filling nozzles after filling
  3. press the nozzles down , then press the save bottle neck position, it is the postion of filling nozzles stop near the bottle mouth
  4. press the nozzles down, then press the save bottom position, it is the filling nozzles diving position inside of the bottles
  5. after set the filling nozzles position, you can press Save to the recipe#1 to # 10, depends on you want to save to which formula
Parameter interface(formular set)
formular 1

It is the formula set page, we can set the formula according to the size of bottles and liquid , and save it, when we need to filling this products, we can choose it on automatic filling page, it is much easy for operation and save time.

  • Servo rise delay: the time wait for filling when the bottles or container are in right postion
  • servo dealy return: the time when servo go back and sunction the liquid after one shift filling
  • Filling delay: the time for fillling nozzles open valve for filling
  • drop delay: after filling the anti drops working time
  • out of bottles space: normally set 2
  • Filling times: normally set 1  when need filling twice can set 2 if the filling volime exceeding the piston size
  • nozzles rise delay: after filling how many times the filling nozzles lifting up
  • Nozzles descent delay : the time filling nozzles insert when bottle are ready
  • Filling Volume: the volume you want to fill into the bottles
  • Nozzles postion can set on the teach page
  • the speed for lifting filling set
  • Midd part speed is for set the filling speed when filling middle part of the bottles
  • forepart filling: for set filling volume at bottom of bottle
  • last part filling volume :for set the last part filling bottle volume which can set few to avoid spraying liquid out
  • The opening delay is for seting the filling valve opening time, exact when the filling nozzles open for filling
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Adjustment when working for vial bottles

The Vial mode is for the small bottles and containers filling, below are the video for the vial mode adjustment, when working on the stage of the vial mode, we need to press the vial mode bottom, and when it is green color means working.

Play Video about piston filling machine auto page