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Difference between piston filler and lobe pump filler

When we buy a filling machine, we always struggle with whether it is better to buy a piston type or a rotary lobe pump?

A piston filler or lobe pump filler?

When we buy a filling machine, we always struggle with whether it is better to buy a piston type or a rotary lobe pump? I will introduce the piston filling machine and rotor pump filling machine in detail.
The piston filling machine is a filling machine for filling thin or high concentration liquid, For example, shampoo, shower gel, laundry detergent, edible oil, lubricating oil and other viscous or non viscous materials, which uses the cylinder to drive the piston and rotary valve to pushing materials, the magnetic spring switch controls the stroke of the air cylinder to adjust the filling volume .It uses a special filling valve to fill materials through the reciprocating motion of the cylinder, which is an ideal substitute for manual operation.

The main features of the piston filling machine :

1. The filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted freely in the touch screen.
2. The filling head adopts drip proof, wire drawing proof and lifting filling devices.
3. Using servo drive system, the filling process is stable and the filling accuracy is high.
Three step filling can be started slowly, then accelerated to a faster speed, and finally slowed down again to end. This prevents the foam liquid from foaming and overflowing.
4. Highly adaptable, suitable for food, medicine, daily chemical, pesticide and other industries.

A rotor pump filling machine

it adopts the rotor pump extrusion principle, and is mainly applicable to the filling of viscous materials, such as chili paste, bean paste, mayonnaise, honey, face cream, facial milk, etc. with particles or without particles.
It has a separate servo motor to drive the cam pump and supplies products to each individual filling head. It can be connected to the CIP system. It is controlled by motion controller, and its performance is superior to PLC. It is an ideal filling machine for honey, tomato jam and other food jams.

The main features of the rotor pump filling machine

1. Wide application range,It can be used for bottles of different sizes and shapes.
2. Fast speed, two can reach 40 bottles per minute.
3. It can quickly switch various bottles and products without adjusting the position of traditional cylinder, bottle clamping device and filling nozzle, saving a lot of time for bottle replacement.
4. Simple operation and easy cleaning. Automatic cleaning function: without manual disassembly, it can be set once on the touch screen to automatically clean and drain the sewage.
5. CIP cleaning is optional.
6. Design different positioning devices according to the actual situation of the bottle.
7. With Individual filling head, Each filling head is equivalent to a stand-alone machine, with automatic filling, which can be opened or closed separately, and has an error correction function. They share a mobile tank, each filling head and tank are connected by a hose, quick-release excuses, independent control systems and menus, and can be produced separately.
8. Small floor area.


Therefore, it is the best choice to suit product characteristics and customer needs.