General introduction of Laundry detergent bottling equipment

Npack liquid laundry detergent filling bottling equipments are designed to meet the changing demand of the laundry detergent industry. We designed and built the best Laundry Detergent filling dispenser, bottling line to meet your production needs.

The laundry detergent liquid normaly packed into a container volume from 500ml to 3750ml, and a pouch 100ml to 2500ml, here we are listing the bottling equipment lines base on the bottle range from 500ml to 3750ml, and 50bottles per min base on 2500ml.

Automatic Laundry detergent filling machine/detegent dispenser

Daily chemicals filling machine

Npack detergent filling machine is an automatic multi heads servo piston filling machine with below general parameters

No. of Filling Nozzles


Production Capacity

50BPM base on 2500ml

Filling Volume

500ml to 2500ML


3500W, 220VAC


Inovance Servo Motor or others brand


Inovance Touch Screen or other brand


  • Servo Drive System
    The NP-VF series volumetric filling system utilizes the delicate servo drive system to control the main filling structure, achieving high stability and precise positioning. With the vertical movement of the filling piston provides long term energy saving and also effectively reduces machine load rate.
  • Tool-Free Adjustment
    Adjustments can be made through the PLC, completely tools-free, giving users a fast and efficient result. The delicate servo control system design provides options for surface layer liquid filling, bottom layer liquid filling, and bottle neck (opening) filling accordingly with different types of liquids.
  • High Accuracy
    The delicate servo system controls the filling amount through precise piston strokes, providing high filling accuracy. The piston is intelligently designed with an adjusting mechanism to enable users to obtain ultimate higher accuracy.

Automatic Tracking type Capping Machine

tracking capping machine

This bottle capper machine is a high-tech capping machine which integrates bottle entry, cap feeding, positioning and capping, and bottle exit.Automatic gripping and capping are completed by the servo motor, and the movement is precise and the speed is fast. The servo system + torque module controls the capping head, and the cap tightness is freely set.

Automatically track the position of the bottle and screw the cap. In the process of capping, the bottle and cap will not be damaged. Through simple adjustment, it can be fixed to the production of various bottle types at the same time, with stable operation, wide application range and high qualified rate of screw caps.


50-55 bpm

Cap Diameter


Bottle Height



220VAC 50/60HZ



Cap Sorter

Elevator storage around 400 caps at a time


Capper 1780*900*1820mm  

Air Consumption



NP-TS Front and Back Labeling Machine for detergent bottles

labeling machine

The NP-TS-2 High Speed Servo Front &back Labeler is applicable for labeling Flat, square or other container with Front &back labeling, it can label two labels at front &back surface at same time; If adding a round bottle device, it also can label round bottles with one or two labels. If adding a top label head, it also can label a label on top of bottles, boxes, caps and so on.

Adapt with Mitsubishi PLC control, Omron and LEUZE sensors, Mitsubishi Servo motor or delta servo motor. It is Easy control and operation, working stably and High speed and accuracy. Automatic warning on failures, no bottle no labeling.

Automatic Carton Loader

the carton laoder is one part of the full automatic detergent bottling equipments with below parameters and features


Packing form

carton packing


Production speed

13-15 cases / minute


Packing layers

one layer (according to customer needs)l


Model size

L 2200*W1880*H3000mml


Equipment power

5.9kwlControl power 24V DC


Compressed air

 0.4-0.6Mpa, 30L / MINl

Basic configuration:

  1. German IGUS linear guidel
  2. German Leuze photoelectric control systeml
  3. Schneider PLC and control systeml
  4. Weilun touch screen controll
  5. SEW main motorl
  6. AIRTAC pneumatic componentsl
  7. Schneider low-voltage electrical appliancesl
  8. Schneider inverterl
  9. All parts in contact with bottles and cartons are made of stainless steel; the body is welded with carbon steel, and the surface is painted.l
  10. Plexiglass protective cover


Automatic Carton Erector NP- GPK-40

the carton erctor is for opening and forming the carton automatically with below features


Carton range

L: 250-450 W: 150-350 H: 100-350mm

(the minimum size cannot occur at the same time)



14-16 boxes/min



220V 1 ф    200W


air pressure



Carton temporary storage



Tape size



Machine dimensions

Length: 2400mm; width: 2050mm; height: 1450mm




Carton Sealing machine

carton sealing machine is an equipment for automatic sealing the cartons top and bottom after filling bottles.


  • Carton:L200-600*W150-500*H120-500mm
  • Platform Height:680-800mm
  • Speed:18.5M/min
  • Power:220V/50HZ
  • Machine Size:L1700*W800*H1691mm
  • Electric Control Part:OMRON
  • Pneumatic Parts:Airtac
  • Motor:CPG
  • Structure:Steel painted.

the full line for laundry detergent bottling can be full automatic, depends on users demand and factory layout, and the conveyor system is customized accordingly, for details needs , please contact us.

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