Automatic Deo Roll On Filling Machine

Automatic Deo Roll On Filling Machine is an equipment capable of packing deodorant roll on products, including air blowing, liquid filling, ball insertion and capping, processing a variety of deodorant roll-on products with varying volume and packaging containers.

Cosmetics filling machine compact 30ml to 120ml
Deo Roll on samples

For Cosmetics,oil

Description about the Deo Roll On Filling Machine

Deo Roll on Bottle Filling Machine Working Process

The Full bottling  line for the Deo Roll on including

  1. Bottle feeding table or automatic bottle unscrambler, it depends on the design , shape and size of the packaging containers
  2. Bottle dedusting or air blowing cleaning machine which will ensure no dust inside of the bottles before filling.
  3. Liquid filling, for the liquid filling station, we have different types filling system, such as the piston filling system,pump filler,etc.
  4. Ball and cap sorting , feeding and capping station
  5. Bottle ejection station for erros bottle or mistake
  6. Bottle labeling and  printing
  7. collection equipments
Deo Roll on Bottle Filling Machine Constuction Material
  1. Machine frame material have adequate material properties to ensure the strength of machine frame
  2. Material used for direct contact with bulk (product) shall use Stainless Steel 316 L (for metal) and Food Grade Seal (for non metal)
  3. Material for bearing must use Synthetic grease for food industries (FDA Approved)
  4. The machine body color is gray steel and the cover is clear transparent acrylic
Deo Roll on Bottle Filling Machine Control and Operation system
  1. PLC control, HMI and Buttom Operation, HMI Language is English, other Language is for option.
  2. Password of the HMI is 3 levels, one for operator, one for Npack, and one for Engineer
  3. The machine is with remote controlling system for program repair, the remote control should be allowed by users.
  4. The machine shall have warning lamp using 3 difference colors,
    Red → stop / emergency stop is pressed
    Yellow → is waiting for material (bulk / tube / carton) Green → Normal operation
  5. Each button, each size part, and each mechanical adjustment with measurement and parameters.
  6. equipped with a safety system for quality and user safety.
  7. The machine control panel is placed in the safest area for the operator and the placement of the control panel may not create
    additional risks such as bumping, pinching, scratching, etc
Deo Roll on Bottle Specification and Features

In the market the bottle for the Deo on bottle, mostly ranging from the 40ml to 120ml with different shapes, round , ovel , flat, here we just list some.

  • Cooling Impact Antiperspirant Deodorant 45 ml to 60ml
  • Dynamics Force Antiperspirant Deodorant 45 to 60 ml
  • Hydro anti-perspirant deo roll-on -50 ml
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