The cosmetics filling machine is an automatic filler equipment that dispenses and doses creams, moisturizers, lotion into jars and bottles. We recommend a filler and cap for viscous creams and a thin liquid filler for water-based cosmetics, ranging from thin liquids like perfume and baby oils to thicker creams and lotions for skin and hair care. In the cosmetics packaging industry, no single filling machine is typically suitable for a wide range of cosmetic product filling. 

Compact Cosmetic filling and capping machine for cream Jar

The cream jar filling and capping machine is a monoblock equipment, the cream dosing and cap capping can be completed in one machine, the whole machine made by 304SS stainless, and cream contact parts are made by 316SS, it is including the automatic jar feeding table, filling station, cap feeding system, capping station, detection system and jar discharge conveyor.

  • Filling volume: 20ml-200ml

         Filling speed:30-40bottles/min

         Filling precision: 0.5%

         Finished product rate of cap drop: ≥99%

         Main machine power: 1.5KW 220V

Linear type cosmetics filling Machine

The linear type cosmetic filler is more flexible, if you have many different types of containers, then the inline one is one of the best choice, it can be one head filling or multi heads depends on the production capacity needs, filling range is wide from 10ml to 500ml.

Servo Motor Driven Piston Filling system

The servo motor driven piston dosing system is design for the viscous cosmetics products, such as cream, lotion, shampoo, body oil,etc. It is a Volumetric measuring the filling dosing, and one most popular system in the market.

Piston fillers are also versatile in that they can handle a wide range of product viscosities while providing an accurate volumetric fill. The piston may work better than other filling system when filling the thick creams and lotions. This machine can sometimes provide a solution for all products for companies filling cosmetic products ranging from low to very high viscosities, depending on a number of factors such as speed, bottles or other containers, and the characteristics of the products themselves.

Servo motor Peristaltic pump Filling system

The servo motor peristaltic pump dosing system is design for the cosmetics thin liquid products, such as the Toners, it is more easy to cleaning and when replace for filling different flavor liquid, just change the pipes and hose. and if you want to use a pump for filling the viscous cream also the lobe pump filling system is a good choice, but the cost will increase.

Servo Capping system for cosmetics products capping

The servo capping which is more advantage,the torque is easy adjustable to suiting different types of caps without damage the caps surface.The cosmetics comsumer more care about the packaging of the containers which they can decide if the products are good quality without considering the brand factor

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