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It is blog about liqiuid filling machine and filling technology,liquid bottling equipments, also the liquid bottling solution

Deo Roll On Filling Machine

Deo Roll on samples
Deo Roll On Filling Machine is an equipment capable of packing deodorant roll on products, including air blowing, liquid filling, ball insertion and capping, processing a variety of deodorant roll-on products with varying volume and packaging containers.

Shampoo Filling Machine

Shampoo filling machine is an equipment for filling shampoo into shampoo bottles Npack designed and built all types equipments invole of the shampoo equipments,such as mixing system,transferring pump, shampoo filler, capper, labeler ect. For the shampoo is a type of viscous and thick liquid which Npack liquid filler can handle, for its different packaging types, we have some different types of equipment for shampoo packagings, such the piston filler for bottling, form filling and sealing equipment for sachet and pouch, tube filling and sealing machine for the hotel shampoo.