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Food Sauce Bottling Solution

Europ Technology Liquid bottling Line, manufactured by shanghai Npack

what's Food Sauce and Packaging types?

Sauce is a paste-type condiment made from beans, wheat flour, fruit, meat or fish and shrimp as the main raw materials, Most sauces are not normally consumed by themselves but as a condiment; they add flavor, moisture, and visual appeal to a dish.The popular sauce in the market have ketchup, tomato sauce, dressings, fish sauce,peanut butter,chili sauce,Mushroom sauce,Bread sauce,Béarnaise sauce.etc.

Most of the saue packed in the Glass bottle,PET Bottles,Pouch, some of are packed in tubes.

Main Consumer of Sauce

all types of sauce and dressings

it is lobe pump multy head filler, npack design it specially for food sauce and food viscous liquid, butter,dressings,paste.For it is advantage compare to the piston filler, so we recommend users for this type of sauce dispenser.We have different capacity to meet your packaging demand, from 800b/hour to 7200b/hour if you choose different numbers of filling nozzles

For Filling Viscous Sauce

sauce, viscous liquid