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What's edible oil?

Edible oil is food oil for cooking, including the all types of vegetable oils, olive oil,peanut oil;animal oils.In room temperature, its in liquid stage,some animal oils are in solid.heat transfer of oil
Gives dishes a tender or crisp character. In the cooking process, the use of fat as a heat transfer medium is widely used. Due to the high ignition point of the fat, the cooking speed can be accelerated after heating, the cooking time of the food can be shortened, and the raw materials can be kept fresh and tender. Properly mastering the heating time and the temperature of the oil can also make the dishes crispy and crispy, so it is often used in fried dishes.
Improve the color of dishes
Fats can give dishes a variety of shades. For example, when making battered and starched dishes, due to the different oil temperature, the fried or fried dishes can appear white, golden, dark red and other different colors. Oil can be 1 times higher than water or steam temperature, quickly dissipate the moisture on the surface and inside of raw materials, oil molecules penetrate into the interior of raw materials, and make dishes emit an attractive aromatic smell, thereby improving the flavor of dishes. The inner chain of sesame oil (sesame oil) has a special fragrance, which has a great effect on improving the flavor of dishes and improving the quality of dishes.
increase nutrients
During the cooking process, because the fat penetrates into the tissue of the raw material, it not only improves the flavor of the dishes, but also supplements the nutrients of some low-fat dishes, thereby increasing the calories, that is, the nutritional value of the dishes.

Normally the edible oil packed in PET bottles, tin can and olive oil packed in glass bottle and tin can.

Edible oil bottling Line

The edible oil bottling line is not a complicated work, firstly we need to check what type of packagings we choose, the PET bottle , tin can , glass bottle or pouch. Here we take the PET bottle for examples.

In the market , most of the PET bottles are from 500ml to 5000ml, so fisrtly we need a full set of equipments for making the PET bottles, the PET bottles from a PET preform, the preform was made by a injectin molding machine, the raw materil is PET , then a bottle rinser,edible oil filling machine, capper, labeler, printer ,etc. Npack can supply all of these equipments.