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Daily Chemicals Bottling Solution

Europ Technology Liquid bottling Line, manufactured by shanghai Npack

What is daily chemicals?

Daily chemicals also called as household chemicals. Daily chemical products refer to daily chemicals, which are scientific and technological chemical products that people use in daily life, including shampoo, shower gel, skin care, hair care, cosmetics, washing powder and so on. According to the frequency or scope of use of supplies, it is divided into: daily necessities (or daily necessities) and luxury goods. According to the use, it is divided into: toiletries, household products, kitchen and bathroom products, decorative products, cosmetics, etc.

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the enhancement of people’s purchasing ability, the daily chemical industry has made great progress. Daily necessities include cosmetics, detergents, oral daily chemicals, special cleaners, etc. The development of daily cosmetics will be more detailed and functional in terms of utility distinction.

Normally we sorting the daily chemicals in 4 types.

  1. Laundry detergent

    Detergents can be made into powder, liquid and lumps as needed. Powder laundry detergent is synthetic washing powder. The formula of synthetic washing powder is a very important part of production. There is no complete theoretical basis to guide the formula. It is mainly determined based on experiments and experience. Various factors need to be comprehensively considered when formulating the formula. The first is to determine the laundry according to the purpose and production method. Powder quality standards, including product physical and chemical standards and performance.

  2. Personal cleaner

    Personal cleaners include shampoos for shampooing, various solvents for bathing, oral cleaners, and cleaning products for hand washing and face washing. With the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for personal hygiene cleaners are also increasing. The higher the age, the more it is required not only to have a cleaning effect, but also to protect the skin, protect the hair and prevent skin diseases. For this reason, the types and varieties of personal hygiene cleaners are increasing day by day.

  3. Household detergent cleaner

    Daily life is inseparable from cleaning. Modern facilities and furnishings are made of different materials such as glass, ceramic tiles, wood, plastic and metal. In order to make the living room bright and clean, the life is comfortable and sanitary, and household daily necessities cleaners are applied. And there are more and more varieties, including hard surface cleaners and carpet cleaners for cleaning furniture, floors, walls, and window glass in the living room; various special detergents for washing glassware, plastic utensils, and jewelry; Dishwashing detergent, stove cleaner, fruit and vegetable sanitizer, refrigerator cleaner, tile cleaning; as well as bathtub cleaner, urinal cleaner, sanitary deodorant, etc. used in the bathroom.

  4. Cosmetics

    Cosmetics include basic cosmetics, beauty cosmetics and special-purpose cosmetics. Basic cosmetics are products that protect the skin, hair and improve the health of skin and hair. Beauty cosmetics are used to modify the face, nails and other parts to increase the charm. Special-purpose cosmetics refer to products that are used on the face, hair and other parts with a defensive function or need to undergo some special physical and chemical treatment to beat people, and also have a certain softening and therapeutic effect. Cosmetic disciplines involve physics, organic chemistry, interface chemistry, Colloid chemistry, aesthetics, biochemistry, physical chemistry, dye chemistry, flavors and fragrances, chemical engineering, microbiology and skin physics, etc., are multidisciplinary, involving a wide and complex subject

What's packaging Types of the daily chemicals?

In the market,some types of the packagings are popular,but mostly are the containers(PP,PET,Glass material),pouch(premade pouch or automatic forming),Tubes(laminated tubes, extruded tubes). The materil for the packagings are almost no changed, the manufacturer of daily chemicals focus on the shape, design of the pouch,tube and containers which can attract buyers.

For the different types of the packagings, requiring the packaging machines in a high level.Most of the manufacturers hope have a universal Liquid filler and capper for their packagings.

what's equipment required for packaging the daily checmicals?

With development of the daily chemicals industry, the manufacturer of the packaging machines designed and developed more flexiable equipments,and technology and efficient of the liquid filler are more advance and efficient than before.

For the types of the daily chemicals are in liquid, powder, so a liquid filling machine is a must equipments. for the packaging types, also have bottle capper, labeler, pouch filling and sealing machine,etc.

Npack almost produce all types of liquid filler and bottle capper.

Daily Chemicals Filling,Capping Machine

The Filling machine is one of the most common types bottling equipments application for Filling daily Chemicals products into containers such as bottles, jerry cans, and other rigid plastic containers, as well as flexible packaging. The category also covers a range of daily chemical products filling ,capping machineries.

Servo piston filling machine is an ideal filler for filling the daily chemicals products, such as the detergent, shampoo, lotion. For the detergent and shampoo have different capacity and packaging containers, so we use the servo motor driven the piston, for it is easy adjust the filling quantity, and suits for the containers from 100ml to 5000ml.

Daily chemicals filling machine
daily chemicals filling machine for householdings products, detergent, liquid soap

For Filling Viscous Liquid

Daily Chemicals,Cosmetics,oils