What is daily Chemicals?

Daily chemicals are products that people use every day, such as shampoo, soap, cosmetics, and detergent. They are divided into two categories: daily necessities and luxury goods. Personal cleaners are products used for personal hygiene, including shampoo, bath products, oral cleaners, and skincare. Household detergent cleaners are products used for cleaning surfaces, including floors, furniture, and bathrooms. Cosmetics are products that can protect and improve the health of the skin and hair or enhance beauty. They include basic cosmetics, beauty cosmetics, and special-purpose cosmetics. The development of daily cosmetics is more detailed and functional. Modern facilities and furnishings are made of different materials, and household daily necessities cleaners are applied to keep them clean. The life revolves around the use of daily chemicals, and as people’s living standards improve, the daily chemical industry continues to progress.

Daily Chemicals Filling capping and bottling solution and equipments

Npack offers and manufactures the packaging machines for daily chemicals products.The Filling machine is one of the most common bottling equipments, it is application for Filling daily Chemicals liquid into containers, such as bottles, jerry cans, and other rigid plastic containers, as well as flexible packaging. The category also covers a range of daily chemical products filling ,capping machineries.

Daily chemicals filling machine

It is an inline piston filler for dispensing detergent capacity from 800b/h to 6000b/h

multi head piston filler

100ml to 1000ml automatic shampoo piston filling machine

It is an inline piston filler for dispensing shampoo capacity from 800b/h to 6000b/h

single head piston filling machine

Automatic thick cream lobe pump Filling Machine

it is an automatic lobe pump filler for filling thick liquid,paste,cream

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