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Industry Products Bottling Solution

Liquid bottling solution is for packaging products into a container, start from designing,choosing liquid bottling packaging equipments.

Six Fields Industry Products Bottling Solution

  1. Personal care and cosmetics products bottling solution, for different types of liquid cosmetics, the bottling are different, the cosmetic are packaging into different type of packaging, such as the Jars, Plastic bottles, Tubes, so the bottling solution are different, it is a customized solution.
  2. Daily chemicals bottling solution which is more easy than the cosmetics, for the packaging container is simple, only the shapes of the container are different, 99% containers are plastic bottles and caps with different design.
  3. Edible oil bottling solution is almost one of the universal solution, for the packaging containers is PET bottle for bean and vegetable oils, Olive oils mostly packed in glass bottles, and some are in tin can, the bottling solution only consider two points, one is the packaging container material and the other is the capacity demand.
  4. The food sauce bottling solution key factor is the sauce filler, containers will be Glass jar or plastic bottles, few are packed into the tubes or pouch.
  5. Pharmaceuticals bottling solution is the most easy, for the pharmaceuticals packaging are standard, GMP standard.
  6. The automotive oils, including different types of oils, lube oil, engine oil, brake oil and so on, packaging is from 100ml to 5000ml for engine oil, 20L to 300L for lube oil.

Personal care&cosmetics Bottling Solution

Cream, facial liquid,remover

daily chemicals filling machine for householdings products, detergent, liquid soap

Daily chemicals Bottling Solution

Shampoo ,lotion, detergent, liquid soap,laudary

Edible oil filling machine for 500ml to 5000ml

Edible oil Bottling Solution

Olive oil, vegetable oil, bean oil……

npack sauce dressing filling machine samples

Food sauce Bottling Solution

tomato sauce, Jam, ketchup, dressing

phamarceuticals and drugs bottle samples

Phamarceuticals Bottling Solution

Oral liquid, eye drops, syrups, blood tube…..

Automotive oils filling machine jerry can 500ml to 5000ml

Automotive Oils Bottling Solution

engine oil, lube oil, car oil, motor oil,brake oil

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