SHANGHAI NPACK is a company in China that Builds equipments for bottling liquids. They have been manufactured these machines since 2015, and their brand was registered in 2012. They make different types of liquid filling machines, such as machines that use a servo piston, machines that weigh the liquid, and machines that use gravity. They are always working to improve themselves by investing in research and development, and taking care of their employees and customers.

About us

About us Shanghai NPACK is one of liquid bottling equipment leading manufacturers located in shanghai China.Npack expertise in liquid Filler

Our goal is to make a liquid filler that works well and is reliable. We want to help our clients save money, be more productive, and use less packaging material. We want to be known as experts in this area, and we are a growing company that can make special machines to fill liquid bottles. We always invest in new ideas to make our products even better. We share our success with our customers and employees. We want to sell our machines all over the world and work with others.

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Since 2015, Npack has put a lot of effort into improving the quality of its products, training its staff, and setting up standardized factory management. The factory, office, and warehouse are all good sizes and have everything needed to run smoothly. Everything is managed using ISO standards to ensure things are done properly. The machines have CE certification and the parts used meet UL standards.
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Shanghai Npack has an impressive track record of providing top-quality machines and equipment to over 1000 satisfied clients from multiple corners of the world. These clients hail from some of the biggest and most prosperous economic regions, including Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia.

We are proud of our association with esteemed companies such as Kimberly and GSK, who trusted us to provide them with high-quality machinery. We supplied our first-ever liquid filling machine to Kimberly, which marked the beginning of a long-term partnership with the company. Our first labeling machine was supplied to GSK, a distinguished organization that has remained a loyal customer to this day.

Our wide-ranging experience, dedication to excellent service, and ability to cater to a diverse range of clients make us the ideal partner for all your machinery needs.

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