semi automatic 1ml liquid filling machine

A Table top automatic 1 ml liquid filling machine

The 1 ml liquid filling machine is for filling the liquid in the industry of the Biopharmaceutical products, such as the laboratory test tubes, blood tube,ampoule,glass vial, plastic injection tubes.

there are some different types of liquid filling machine for the 1ml liquid bottling dispensing, but the main features is the high accuracy no matter it is automatic , semi automatic or manully, the dosing system can be piston or Peristaltic pump driving by servo motor.

semi automatic 1ml liquid filling machine

  • Equipped with high accuracy ceramic plunger pump,it is suitable for small volume filling or a Peristaltic pump。
  • Filling nozzles and bottle/tube holders can move during filling,improves filling accuracy.
  • Multiple filling mould table can be customized according to different bottle/tube.

Multi filling  nozzles of ceramic pump or  Peristaltic pump is equipped with ceramic plunger and servo motor. The filling volume and filling  capacity can be  controlled easily.Equipped with X, Y, Z three axis, can moving filling, high efficiency, suitable for the whole plate filling, more suitable for irregular bottle,small vial bottles, filling from 1ml to 5ml. The machine with servo motor can control filling location,filling speed and filling point accurately.Stable operation and high accuracy.Machine Body is SUS#304 Stainless Steel.All stainless steel construction allows for easy clean up and resists corrosion.

Filling Nozzles

1Nozzles to 8nozzles

Production Capacity

30b to 300b Per min

Filling Volume



450W, 220VAC




Servo Motor


Schneider Touch Screen


A Fully Automatic 1ml liquid filling machine monoblock

A fully automatic 1ml liquid filling machine is mostly application for industry usage, it is different with the lab. one, the equipment is GMP standard without any human touch, automatic feeding the bottles, washing, filling and plugging and capping.

filling capping labeling machine

This Automatic liquid filling machine has the function of automatic loading containers, cleaning containers, filling  capping and labeling. it is an ideal monoblock packaging machine for blood tube,syringe,small plastic vials.

Filling volume:1-10ml (volume can be customized)

Production capacity:Max.120 bottles/min 

Filling nozzle:1 piece to 8 pcs

Plugging nozzle:1 piece to 2pcs

Filling accuracy:±0.02ml to 0.05ml

Power:2kw to 5KW

Air compressor:0.2-0.6 Mpa



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